Sunday, 7 October 2007

Voices of the north

Had a great night on Friday at the charity concert at the Links in Montrose. So many great singers and songs! Verona and I did a song too but we were (just for a change) the 'least experienced in show' and really we just enjoyed hearing others show how it's done. Folk songs, songs from Violet Jacob poems, bothy ballads...a real mix from Jim Reid, Geordie and Joe, Phil Smith, the folk club regular band of jokers and, my favourites of the night, Marjorie and Thomas from Forfar. I just love unaccompanied singing when it's done with real passion and feeling...nothing like it. Unlike a lot of people at the concert I didn't grow up listening to this kind of music (I never know any of the songs when they say 'you'll all know this one'...I think they'd be appalled if they did know what songs I do know the words too...). Anyway, good to feel good...

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