Sunday, 28 October 2007

Sundays are for blogging

So it seems that Sunday night is blog night. Why is that? Is it a look back over the week kind of a thing? I've always written a lot on Sundays - usually for Monday morning deadlines - but this is different. No deadlines here. Not even any obvious reason for doing it at all. A futile exercise? Perfect - the purest joy.
So this week...worried a lot about not writing anything significant or relevant or any good. Is that futile too? Some people tell me they love my poems and all the stuff around them (that'll be the waffle then, some of it is very meaningful). And when people laugh at the bits I think are funny it does feel great and as if my dream of being something like a female, non-smoking, Dave Allen might even come true. Sometimes. But there's no rush. And a lot of other stuff to think about besides me!!
Back to life...might even enjoy some of it.

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