Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New direction

So we're back from our six months trip to Canada and the USA. I've posted the last travel post (over there) and there will be just a map and a final round-up to come in a few days and then that blog will be left alone for a while I suppose (maybe forever). As for this one (this blog that I have been keeping since, can you believe it, 2007!) I just started to feel it had run its course so I'm leaving it today and moving to a new place. For a start the format/template of this one looks so old now but I can't bear to change it at this stage - partly because this is the way it's always looked and I've had some good times within these boxes (some hard times too). This blog has seen me through all kinds of poetry nonsense, the death of my Mum, various changes and friendships and complications... so I am just going to leave it as it is and take a bit of a hike over to a new blog over here. Come visit. Bring cookies.


p.s. Mark took this photo at Thessalon, Ontario a couple of weeks back.