Saturday, 29 September 2007

Another day, another set of worries...

We did our Brechin show last night...many thanks to loyal friends and acquaintances for their support as ever! Verona had her first real battle with terror at performing but emerged victorious (in fact 'Love song without a tune' was better than ever). We gave 'Spanish nights' its first outing and got through it and out the other side. Ole! People liked my William Lamb poem (never done that one out loud before) and some of the others that always seem to go well ('Generation less', stuff like that). I felt good about the poems and what Verona calls the waffle in between. We all have out strengths - mine is intense waffle apparently. Brechin Arts Festival is a great little festival - lots of variety and interesting venues.
It's been a funny time lately. I think I am over the honeymoon period with myspace. It is a good way to find music but it's a good way to feel crap about yourself too ('why did I send that message to that person? Now I look like an, I am an idiot). It makes me feel like I am in a long not-very-funny episode of 'Seinfeld' and I am George, always George. I guess there's a poem in there somewhere. Just as well I have some real, flesh and blood friends - very good ones too. Friends and Mark will keep me sane-ish. Thank goodness for them.

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