Saturday, 30 June 2007

Quietening the terror

We did it again! At folk club last night (guests Eilean Mor from Australia were great by the way) Verona and I managed another song. This one was 'Sing when you're nervous' that I wrote the words for way back and that we gave a tune to just recently. Verona played her guitar brilliantly despite crushing nerves and I only came in at the wrong time once...Not bad for a pair of old mothers. Someone did ask me afterwards if I'd ever thought of being a stand-up comedian...not sure what that says about the singing but there you go. Onwards and sideways.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Sing when you're nervous

After a year or so of reading my poems and songs without tunes at the folk club here in Montrose I took the plunge and went for a song this week. My pal Verona and I sang one of my songs that does have a tune - 'Light o'er the sea'. We were fairly nervous but we survived and it was kind of fun really. We did it bothy ballad style and people were very nice and complimentary (or kept criticism to themselves). We may do it again...I have found tunes suddenly appearing recently so now several of the songs have tunes or half-tunes or half-an-idea-for-a-tune. It's fun and something I never thought I'd do.