Sunday, 21 October 2007

Back up where we belong

So you see...I knew I'd feel better in a week or so! It is tricky being a person of extreme moods but when you get the hang of it and know it's coming it does get easier...a bit...
Last week was doom and gloom, this week is pretty good. Verona and I had a great time at the Amnesty International gig in Carnoustie. Poems went down really well and people said such nice things - it was really encouraging. It more than makes up for some of the less enthusiastic reactions from poetry magazine editors and the like. I've never liked snooty people who like keeping things high and mighty and away from those dirty masses....why should that change now?
Anyway it was a really enjoyable night with a lot of good musicians and friendly people. Beats a night full of miserable/incomprehensible and/or ranting poetry any time. Am I traitor? Quite probably. Am I afraid of competition? More likely I'm just arrogant (is that worse?). Does anyone care? No, most unlikely. Go to bed now? Yes, getting child to school on time is advisable. 'Don't fink too much' as my friend's cockney Mum always said. I will try that.

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