Friday, 6 April 2007

April already?

Not very good at keeping up with this blog thing - seems so odd doing a diary that's public after doing a private one for years...Still, maybe no-one will ever read it so it's private and public and kind of pointless. Oh well, not the first pointless exercise I've been involved in.

Went to see Karine Polwart gig in Dundee this week - what a marvellous woman. Incredible songs, a huge loving crowd and she was really interesting and entertaining too. Anyone who has not already got her first two albums should put this right straightaway. Better poetry in there than many a so-called poet could come up with in a lifetime. It was interesting to hear Joni Mitchell talking about poetry and lyrics on R2 recently too. But then it was interesting to hear her full-stop. Another fantastic songwriter and all round talented woman.

As for little old me - an odd time recently with family stuff going on and not much writing or thinking time. Still - another poem in this month's Snakeskin ezine which is nice, a poem read at the HappenStance launch and poetry cards now on sale in the library in Southwell, Notts (thanks to family mafia-style tactics). And my little girl will be 7 soon!!