Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dogs on blogs (and sing that to the tune of Duran Duran's 'Girls on film' if you will please, readers)

I know that at least one of you regular visitors has already seen this new poem on myspace (I put it up there the other week). I have been neglecting the myspace system for a while (distracted by life, books and blogging mainly, not facebore, witter or any of the newer flavours) so I thought I would put something up there first for a change. Not that anyone else particularly gives a rat's backside what I do with poems...I just felt like a change.

So, the new poem (it's really quite new...maybe just 2 weeks old) - it's about dogs...and people. I suppose it's probably about people most of all...but written with dogs in mind. I did start with the usual intentions of writing a big, serious meaningful poem (no really, I did!) but I'm not sure how well that has worked out (again...). For a start the rhyme fought its way in ('go on, go on' it nudges 'you know you want to...') and then of course there's the scratching and the drooling and all that. I still think it's big, serious and meaningful...but I'm not sure anyone else will. Ah well...what it is to be misunderstood.

On myspace I even put a newish photo of our current pooch underneath the poem. I won't repeat that here (there was a photo of her back here already) but I will remind you of a car sticker I saw in Arbroath not long back (have I quoted this already...stop me if I'm boring you...):

It made me laugh out loud in the street (as you do)...but it was probably big, serious and meaningful to its author.

Here's my poem – at least Titus should like it...

We are dogs

We are dogs
In cars

Some go growling
Hear them revving
See them straining
To be first
Others panting
Tails adrooping
Fixed on exit
Tired by thirst

We are dogs
In queues

Always hungry
Sometimes drooling
Short on patience
Long on push
Others chilling
Watching others
Somehow smiling
What's the rush?

We are dogs
In bed

Snoring fully
Yet more drooling
Scratching freely
When required
Seeking comfort
Warmth and heartbeat
Sleep our one god
When we're tired

We are dogs
At heart

Prone to fighting
Needing structure
Self-control poor
Love to share
Inner puppies
Think of skipping
Old dogs work hard
Guard the lair

We are dogs

Out and sniffing
Wandering merrily
Things smell better
In real light
What's the problem?
What's tomorrow?
What's my name again?
Oh yeh, right

RF 2009

p.s. This is nothing to do with dogs but keep emailing me links or small mp3 files of your 'by heart' poems if you record them, won't you? There's no deadline...just if/when you manage it. I just received Sorlil's so please welcome Marion McCready reading “To a Poor Old Woman” by William Carlos Williams. You can read the text of the poem on her blog too.



Marion McCready said...

I'd like to hear you read this one, it's begging to be read aloud!

Rachel Fox said...

I might just do that. I'll try and get the dog to join in too.

Titus said...

Yes, Titus does like it and I have read nowhere that rhyme is not allowed in big serious poems - go with the sound, that's why it's pushing you. "Things smell better/In real light" were the lines that made me really think.

And the inversion of Cowper's famous/infamous:

My dog? what remedy remains,
Since, teach you all I can,
I see you, after all my pains,
So much resemble Man?

is a point well made.

Mortified to admit I am also a dog in a car (first four lines of that stanza).
And please do read it.

Regina said...

Oh, it's lovely- and quite serious, I thought!
And so, could the reverse be true- dogs are us?

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Titus...go with the sound...I do...I will.

And yes to all, we are animals of course - we are them, they are us. We like to forget it ('we're so different, we're so clever, we have electric hand-driers and toasted sandwich machines...') but that just makes us animals with an awful lot of tools. I always love that look from a dog that suggests 'what the hell are you doing now, crazy human?'


hope said...

Nice work all!

Oh Rachel, sometimes the dogs look at me in utter disgust as if to say,"Look you walk up right. Can't you figure out how to fix things for heaven's sake?!"

deemikay said...

I still haven't a) added you at MySpace b) memorised what I said I would or c) erm, lots of other things!

I shall attempt may of those lots of other things tomorrow. But it's bedtime. :)

deemikay said...

Oh, and I don't particularly want to go to sleep with Duran Duran in my head! Thank you. :o|

(Word verif: gorelad)

Dick said...

This made me smile out loud, and I'm no dog lover.

The bumper sticker is a version of the original - 'The more I see of people, the more I like dogs' - by early 20th century essayist E.V. Lucas. However, the quote is also attributed to Mme de Stael, the late 18th/early 19th c. French (actually Swiss) woman of letters.

Not a lot of people... I'll get my coat.

Rachel Fox said...

It's a family joke that I'm a bit I'm not sure whether to believe you or not Dick! I'll have to go and look it up...not sure where...

Rachel Fox said...

Well the de Stael quote is “the more I see of men the more I like dogs” apparently. A slight difference...

Roxana said...

yes, i agree with Sorlil, do make a recording, pleeease :-) such a marvellous rhythm! it is so witty and funny and deep at the same time, serious yes, don't doubt that...

i adore the last stanza, especially.

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm with Sorlil - I'd like to hear this too (actually, in my head I think I could hear you reading it as I went). I loved it!


P.S. I have something for you at 'Keepsakes' Ha verification is "pugnesse" I don't normally call these to anyone's attention, but lately yours are so apt.

Rachel Fox said...

Hi Roxana...Kat...
Been a busy weekend but I will try to do a recording soon.
Glad you like it.

The Clever Pup said...

I like the driving, short and snappy lines in this poem. It reminds me of a small dog on the run sniffing everything.

Thanks for visiting me. Thanks for the link Kat.

Rachel Fox said...

Ah yes, short and my Mum's old cairn terrier (RIP)...

Thanks for calling in too, pup. This is getting to be quite the blog of dogs!


Dave King said...

That is a serious poem pretending to be flippant, that's what that is. Puts me in mind of Hilaire Belloc.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Dave. You're spot on. I think.
And I loved Belloc poems as a child.

Frances said...

Hey Rachel. Love the doggy poem. Its very difficult to do dogs without straying over to the wrong side of sentimentality but you have succeed without a sniff of the s word.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Frances. So many s words come to mind when thinking about dogs...good to avoid them all when possible...