Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Get off the bus and...

(By the way ANYONE can join in with this writing task...whether you've been on the Poetry Bus before or not...though I suppose you need a blog..or something...to post your work on).

So, I am the first stop on the Poetry Bus tour (the Bus is more usually found at TFE's).


How you doin'?

Recovered from this week's Protest Bus yet?

I wouldn't have got on this bus in the first place if it wasn't for JoAnne McKay (otherwise known as Titus)...and now here I am driving (and man, do I hate driving!). Partly because of this I am going to park the bus up for a while...and we are all going to get off...and walk (or you can bounce if you like...see photo above...).

So pick up all your things and let's set off...rambling...exploring...where on earth shall we go?

Into the world of words is where we'll go because your writing task this week is as follows:

1.Pick a favourite word. It can be a long word or a tiny word, a complicated word or a simple everyday one, a new word or something archaic that keeps trying to fall out of the dictionary. I really don't mind. Any word will do.

2.Write something using that word as your starting point. It can be a poem. But I use the term poem VERY loosely. Loose is good...in most instances.

3.Send me the link to your poem-post on Sunday 28th or Monday 29th March and I will add it to the Ramble Stop post on here. You can email me the link if you like (tidier...innit...send to author@crowd-pleasers.net) or put it in the comments box here. I work different hours to our usual host-driver so if you send me something in UK daylight hours I will probably get to it fairly quickly but I don't work late into our night these days so if you send it during our (conventional) bedtime I won't get to it till the next morning. Just so you know. Plus we have family coming to visit on the Tuesday so I won't be doing much here that day either. OK?

I thought of this task the other day whilst walking our dog. It came to me because there was something online a while back about favourite words and I was a bit disturbed because I couldn't really think of any. I don't think I'd ever really thought about words in those terms before. Partly this is because on the whole I like (or am interested in) all words (with the exception, perhaps, of diarrhoea...on all counts....and here we are with the loose again...and not least because I ALWAYS have to look it up in the dictionary to get it right...it just won't stay in my mind...which is good, I suppose). But then, since failing to think of anything for the post about favourite words, every now and again I see a flash and realise 'ah, ha! That is one of mine! I do have favourites!' Perhaps unsurprisingly so far my favourite words have all been quite everyday ones...nothing too fancy...just my way, you know. I realised, for example, that one of my favourite words is most definitely 'love'. Does that seem dull? Frankly, my dears I don't give a damn because I am just wild about love...in every sense...and I always have been.

And speaking of love...remember TFE's Valentine's Bus Ride (back here). Well, I wrote two poems that week but I only posted one - a rather twisted Valentine's experience (here). I also wrote a fairly straightforward love poem for my man and I thought I'd post it today...for him...for a couple of people I know who have just found the big L again...for all of you bus travellers. It's not very exciting...but then love doesn't always have to be.

The detail

You send me messages
'On time', 'on way home now'
And they're a thick coat
To keep me warm and well

You tell a joke
Maybe an old one
And it's a tonic
A perfect pick-me-up

You walk beside me
That calm and steady pace
And it is oxygen
I keep on breathing

RF 2010

I will be writing a new poem set off by one of my other favourite words for the post (I hope...if something comes to me by the weekend...) and I'll post it at the Rambling Stop on Sunday (or maybe even Saturday, if it's done by then). In the meantime...get thinking, get rambling, get writing...



Niamh B said...

I like that poem for himself, lovely - especially the ending, and really admire the prompt, a challenging one! Might use the word verification word - Flitable!

Rachel Fox said...

Oh I love how you use 'himself'. I'd do it too but it would sound daft coming from my sort-of Yorkshire accent. He is 'grand' though (my 'himself'), really grand.


Mojo said...

Lucky beggar your guy. Oh to have one who felt such about me. Makes me want to put on some Andy Stewart and cry. (Perhaps my word should be "wistful", eh?)

What a twist on this theme if you were to choose a word verification word. I mention it only because there has to be a story in "bilista".

Methinks I'll run aground on the same shoals as you. So many words, so little time. But I'll have something by then.

Rachel Fox said...

Ah well, he's not lucky all the time, you know. We make him work.

My way of coming up with things (like a word to get you started) is to NOT try too hard to think of one. Just go for a walk or do something else and the word will just appear. Works for me.

You're new to the Bus aren't you Mojo? Hello.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Rachel
you bought tears to my eyes, you reminded me of how important these things are. my messages usually say 'bring milk' and I find his phone inbox full of them because he stores them up.
Wonderful prompt, I have my word already. Was late this week again and only just posted as we had visitors, not conducive to poetry writing (since no one knows I do it).
and thanks for your comments on your protest poem, it helped to follow your thinking, and I loved it more then. How old is your daughter? mine are 19 and 15 and sometimes I so desperately want to hold their hands and help them be strong, to not be afraid, to believe they can fight against stuff that is wrong.
much love

Rachel Fox said...

Yes...much 'bring bread' in this house!

Our Girl is 9 (nearly 10). The girl on the spacehopper in the photo is her (but quite a few years ago now). Her Grandma (my Mum) lives here too so we are quite the sit-com household.

I'm glad you found the prose in the previous post interesting. You spend ages writing these things so it's nice to get some positive feedback!


Marion McCready said...

I wish my mine would carry a mobile!! I like the poem especially the warm coat metaphor.

swiss said...

it's that time already! i'll need to get thinking.

a rather lovely wee poem as well...

Rachel Fox said...

Mine is never without his phone, Sorlil...well, nearly never.

I put it the instructions up earlier than TFE sometimes does, Swiss, partly because I'd decided what I wanted us to try, partly because I know some of us with bairns/jobs and so on need more time to get it done and partly because it's kind of two jobs in one (pick a word and then do the writing). I just thought the more time the better.


hope said...

I like how you share that it's the simple things, the caring tone of "I'm on my way" that defines true love rather than bunches of flowers or jewels.

Nicely done my friend!

Karen said...

I wish I had written that for my husband! It's such a simple poem with great depth.

I've already thought of my word - it came to mind as I read your instructions. I just hope I can frame a poem around it. Maybe I can write a love poem around my word. Now, you've got me thinking!

Rachel Fenton said...

I was charmed by this.
You ever thought about running the lines on longer - makes a shorter looking poem but I think it lets the words in easier sometimes? This one wanted to trundle effortlessly into my brain - where it will remain for some time - lovely.

Titus said...

Oh, I'll happily take the blame for the stuff you've come up with for the Bus.

Like the everyday of the poem and then those big last two lines.

Now, what am I going to do with "shadoof"...?

Rachel Fox said...

I'm hopeless with flowers and jewels, Hope! I never water flowers and I forget to wear jewellery (and perfume...and make-up). A pint of milk and a loaf of bread is much more my style. (Is it the Quaker past do you think...am I genetically simple...NOT A WORD!).

Speaking of which 'simple with great depth'...yup that's me...and what I like. Spot on, Karen.

Rachel - my next poem for the Bus Stop has long lines. I like this one short and simple, I think.

Titus - it's quite true too you know. He literally does remind me to breathe sometimes.


Enchanted Oak said...

Love is an unbeatable word. I enjoyed my first ride on the Poetry Bus. Your challenge will be fun. And Mojo is a fine writer. I'm looking forward to his work. Everyone else's too. Cheers from Chris

Rachel Fox said...

Yes - I'm keen to see what words everyone picks...


A Cuban In London said...

That was beautiful. It had a nice mix of the modern and the old.

'You walk beside me
That calm and steady pace
And it is oxygen
I keep on breathing'

You have killer endings. Many thanks.

On my latest post, I laughed out loud. I hope noone in the school heard me. I haven't checked my e-mail yet, I'll do it tonight or tomorrow, but you already answered one of my questions. :-) Many, many thanks.

Greetings from London.

PS: By the way, I'm supposed to be neutral in this debate but I agree with most of the points you waised.

Rachel Fox said...

Thank-you and you're welcome, Cuban, all in one.

And I haven't forgotten about the Silvio track. Other things keep coming up.


Rachel Fox said...

Oh and there is some feminist content to my last post on here too. Kind of.


Leigh Russell said...

That's a really beautiful poem about a relationship that is clearly a lasting one.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Lovely contemporary love poem.

Now to wait for a word to fall from the skies into me empty noggin.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Leigh...and welcome.

TFE - you could start with 'noggin'...


The Weaver of Grass said...

Write starting with a word. I shall do what my great grandparents were reputed to do when they had yet another child - they threw the Bible up in the air and chose a name from the page that opened when it fell. Thus I had greatuncles called Abraham,. Jesse, Isaac, Jacob (luckily not Nebukadnezzar (as I can't spell it - obviously!) So shall do the same with my Chambers Dictionary and then run my hand down the page with my eyes shut - promise.
Pleased to report that my back is slowly improving and shall soon be blogging again if I can remember how. Love to all three + dog.

Rachel Fox said...

Goodness Weaver, those bibles must have been in pieces!

Good to have you back (no wordplay intended...).


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel
I am hopping aboard early this week, been re-writing all week.
much love

Rachel Fox said...

Well, that's you definitely first in the queue for the Bus, cfm! I'll put the post up and start the links Saturday, I think.

Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

The beauty in simple love that demonstrates respect and appreciation for the other, beautifully stated in this poem, Rachel!

btw, I've posted my weekly Bus poem with my chosen word for this week. Feel free to post it whenever you're ready. Here's my blog:

Dominic Rivron said...

My contribution (plus a sneaky extra one!) is posted:


As for The Detail, what a lovely poem. I'd feel really touched if someone wrote that about me.

Rachel Fox said...

Poetry Bus up and running now - here.

Glad y'all like 'The detail'. He is worth it.


Evalinn said...

I really like your poem. And thank you for challenging us. I´m up!