Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Two quick notes

This'll be quick.

First off there's a lovely review of a book you might know over at a Cuban in London. For anyone visiting from there 'More about the song' is available from my website or from

And secondly the answer to that poem title TV quiz the other day was 'NYPD Blue'. Apparently 'Don't squeeze my shoes' is New York cop language (or it was) for 'don't hassle me, man!'

Back on Friday with a visitor from Ireland...



A Cuban In London said...

Thanks a lot for the mention, and for giving me the opportunity to review your book. I'll have to adjust the youtube video because the specs are wrong. I have no idea why, but this keeps happening every now and then. Even if I choose the smaller format, it still comes out bigger than I wanted it.

Have fun in Ireland.

Greetings from London.

Rachel Fox said...

I quite often have to alter the width of the youtubes (back to 425 I think). And you have to alter it at the top AND the bottom of the link (so I learned by trial and error...).

Thanks so much for this review, C. I especially love the bit about your daughter!

Dave King said...

I thought it still was current lingo.

Rachel Fox said...

I've never heard 'don't squeeze my shoes' anywhere but on that TV show, Dave. Have you?

'NYPD Blue' was a show Mark used to watch and so I watched it too...sometimes. Can't say it was ever one of my favourites. It seemed to be the same every week.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Learn something new every day!

Rachel Fox said...

I know. It's not exactly the OU here though is it. Well, media studies maybe...


martine said...

just random browsing from 'the swiss lounge' who posted a billy collins poem for you back in december 2008, (someone who I am definitely going to read more of)
wherever I go I find people who are following Willow Manor .. is she the centre of the blogiverse?
thanks for sharing

Titus said...

Yahoo on the review! And what a blinder!

NYPD Blue! Why didn't I think of that?

And what's happening in Ireland?

Titus said...

...she enquired, nosily.

hope said...

[hope stands behind Titus and whispers, "What she said."]

Although I like Jimmy Smits, I never watched it either. Can't wait to hear what the Ireland deal is. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Hi Martine...interesting the routes we follow to end up at various blogs! I've come to quite a few interesting places via Swiss (and I came to him via Sorlil/Poetry in Progress).

Willow's is a popular blog - I think she gets more comments than any other blog I look at! Hers is not one of the ones I visit most regularly but I do visit sometimes. She had a lovely post recently about chocolate that got me working on something (and normally food posts don't do much for me).

Titus - yes, it was a review to cherish! And some of the comments have been just amazing too. I feel kind of boosted, ready for the next phase!

As for the Irish tease...well, it's a writer (no huge surprise there). A very good writer though.