Sunday, 17 January 2010

The other foot

I imagine there might be one or two people who found the last post just too lovey-dovey for words. If you're single (and not necessarily thrilled about it) hearing about other people's fantastic loving relationships is really just about the last thing on your 'fun stuff to do' list (if I remember rightly...). So here's the other side of the record, if you like, a piece of writing about not being able to find Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Right.

I wrote the piece below a few years back - partly about some of my own past and partly because I know quite a few lovely, desirable people who have really not had a love in their adult lives that has been in any way worthy of them (OK it's not headline news but it is something that bothers me because I like to think that everyone can have at least one really good love in a lifetime...even if it doesn't last 'forever'...even if it isn't perfect). The piece started (as the name suggests) as a song without a tune. Then it had a tune for a while (and it made a lovely song, if I do say so myself). But then (for reasons I can't go into now) it lost its tune again and it is currently looking for a new one. So anyone up for giving it a go? Dominic – you there? Anyone else? I'd love to hear it sung again.

Love song without a tune

There’s a hole in my hearth
Where the fire should be
My guitar’s short a string
Is it G, D or E?
My music’s too lonely
It sings a sad song
And sad can be tiresome
When it goes on this long

There’s a gap in my life
There’s no lace in my shoe
Cos I’ve plenty of stuff
But I can’t find a you

I’ve no warmth in my bed
It’s a double for one
No surprise in my cornflakes
The food without fun
There’s a huge gaping hole
Where my loved one should be
I’ve a big full hot teapot
But no two for tea


I’m not a bad person
I have love to share
But I can’t find a taker
And I’ve looked everywhere
So the hearth remains cold
And the bed just the same
I’d find you much quicker
If I just knew your name


RF 2007

And shoes make another appearance in this you'll notice (which all makes me wonder if I have a shoe fetish I don't know about...). Guesses still coming in for the title of the poem in the last post you know your US TV?



Anonymous said...

As one whose love life has tended to hinge on marrying the wrong guy (twice) I can assure you that I love to read about others who have been much more fortunate.

Rachel Fox said...

Then you are obviously a good and generous person, T-gran (if one who needs a hand with the vetting process next time...).

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel! I can assure you that there won't be a next time! I've learned my lesson! LOL

Kat Mortensen said...

I love this! I do hope Dominic takes you up on putting it to music. It is wistful and yet, fun.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you for the postcards Rachel - love them - split them with Dominic and shall send them round to my friends.

We don't have a shop round here that sells that sort of thing but shall keep my eyes open and contact you if I think of anything.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks x 2.

Titus said...

Oh, I liked this. It is a song, and for me, a country one, but maybe that's because "tiresome" made me think of "lonesome", somehow. I hope someone takes it up and sets it to music. And sings it.
It would be so much easier if people wore badges that lit up "I'm your One" when you met them.

I, too, got the postcards today - many thanks, and they're good - and I'll go and have a chat with Debbie at the Tea Room during a quiet day for her. Thomas Tosh is more upmarket, but they take commission!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks T. Having heard it as a song once I would really like it to get its groove back. And yes, a little bit country would be fine. Hell, country songs even make money! Maybe there'll be a pension for me after all.

Re the cards - everyone takes commission - that's no problem. Shops usually take 30% or a third of price or something like that.


Unknown said...

Want to hear it now - but I'll wait! Aw.

A Cuban In London said...

Yes, I did notice the shoe connection at the beginning. Are you sure you're not harbouring ambitions to write a one-off episode of 'Sex and the City'? :-)

But this got to me:

'But I can’t find a you'

What I loved was that 'a'. It's so specific. And special. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Rachel Fox said...

Wish I could play you the old version, B...but it's complicated...

Cuban - thanks. I worry that I can be a bit slapdash at times so specific is good - really good!


Rachel Fox said...

As for 'Sex and the City'...I watched it once to see what the fuss was about (and couldn't see what all the fuss was about). I haven't seen the film but I'm guessing their taste in shoes is rather different to mine! I have hiking boots, hiking shoes, trainers, wellies, more trainers, sandals (flat for walking miles in)...and nothing with a heel above an inch high! Also my idea of designer clothes is...non-existent! All clothes are designed by someone, right?

Marion McCready said...

Come on Dominic, come on pressure at all of course :)

Rachel Fenton said...

I think it should be guitar and strings and sung with a light and clear something else a little quirky, a non-instrument used as me husband just told me I'm not his "the one"...resonates..

Dominic Rivron said...

I'll see what I can do.

Rachel Fox said...

Rachel - was he joking? Sounds like you're a composer in the making too.

Dominic - you see - your public awaits you!


John Baker said...

In writing, it is far less that people twist words than it is that words twist people. Robert Musil said that or something quite close (I can't find the original quote). Reminded me of the feeling I've had sometimes that I was not writing the poem, but that the poem was writing me.

Titus said...

M*A*S*H? Simpsons? I'm a post behind here, I know.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, John, I quite agree with that one. Are you implying I do have a shoe fetish!

No and no, T. Answer tomorrow.


John Baker said...

I dunno if you have a shoe fetish; but if you do it's not very pronounced. Like, if I offered to send you one of my old shoes I'm fairly sure you'd turn it down.
But just so we're clear, I'm not offering. Just saying.