Friday, 13 March 2009

Poem alone

Usually when I post poems here I give them some introduction...or some background...or some kind of build-up...but today - just to be different - here is a poem all alone. It's been on my mind this week for various reasons.

Before I drop

"Nobody's mother can't not never do nothing right" Liz Lochhead

There's a few months yet
The job will be done
Later I'll rest
Today I'll work on

Think of sleep and of vigour
All soon to be gone
Later I'll plan
For now I'll work on

The washing, the worries
All that put upon
Let's not waste the quiet
Go on fool, work on

I'll drop what I carry
One labour part done
Till then I'll be working
Work on girl, work on

RF 2005


hope said...

I think you just wrote the anthem for the female species. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Hope. Verona and I have been thinking about giving this a tune of late but then we got distracted with various different something elses. Typical!

If anyone else wants to give this a tune - be my guest. I think the words enjoy that - when it happens.

Rachel Fox said...

Plus the female species made me laugh! Was that a slip, on purpose or what?

I have to say right now there are just as many females as males bugging me for some reason or fact if anything the females are being probably more infuriating! I can't name names of course. Just pass the voodoo dolls, will you?


hope said...

On purpose...since the world claims we're from a different planet than the menfolk. :)

Truthfully, those bugging me this week are sadly from our planet...the kind that give women a bad name.

Will there be a sing-a-long? ;)

Rachel Fox said...

Oh yes. And it will be loud!

The Solitary Walker said...

Speaking as one of the male species, I like this poem too.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks SW...I did write it about a subject that does involve men at some point...but I didn't say anything about that in the post because it is a poem that seems to mean different things to different people (so I thought I'd leave it open to interpretation). I was surprised when I learned that about it...I thought it was a fairly simple and obvious little thing but it seems to have hidden depths! Hurray!

And I have been sent a tune for it... already! Thanks Dominic R. I will be plonking it out badly on the joanna at some point today.


green ink said...

I could imagine someone singing these words to an acoustic guitar a la Missy Higgins....really lovely words Rachel, as always :)

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks, GIG (I know you're Philipa but I can't remember the spelling and I hate getting names many ls, how many ps?).
I have been singing it today (with Dominic's tune). If I can get man away from football I will get him to record it.

Rachel Fox said...
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Rachel Fox said...

Doh! That was me in the wrong post!

Susan at Stony River said...

I love this one--and how fabulous to find a tune for it!

There's a project I need to stick to better and finish; I'm thinking I should recite this through the day to keep me focused. A gem.

green ink said...

One l and two ps :)

x Philippa

PS: so glad someone wrote a tune for it!!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Susan. It's definitely been my poem of the week. I've read it out twice and sung it plenty too.