Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Keep an eye (or an ear) out for...

A brilliant radio programme

Mentioned by Swiss in the comments for the last post - 'A Strong Song Tows Us' was written and presented by Lee Hall (Hall is most famous for his 'Billy Elliot' screenplay but he's worked on all kinds of projects). If you're interested in poetry at all go and have a listen. It focuses on poetry in the Newcastle area of England in the twentieth century but there are all kinds of other bits of information too. There are some great lines from poet Basil Bunting in it for a start...'every poet worth tuppence writes aloud'...Well, obviously!


The guests at our folk club in Montrose this Tuesday past. Made up of one Scot, one Norwegian and an Englishman they are a band who really make some beautiful sounds (mainly with voices, guitar, fiddle and whistles). Most of their songs are Norwegian but they also did a Robert Frost poem set to music and an Edwin Muir one too. Worth investigating.

Another night in Dundee

I've been asked to do some more compere/poetry work so at 7.30pm on Sunday 15th March you will find me at the Apex Hotel in Dundee presenting a fantastic line-up of musicians as part of a fundraising event for Medical Aid for Palestinians. The line-up includes Michael Marra, Sheena Wellington, Pauline Hynd, Loadsaweeminsingin and Buskers Against the Bomb. Tickets are £10 and on sale from Grouchos music store in Dundee.

And then back to Montrose

Two days later on Tuesday 17th March the marvellous Heidi Talbot, John McCusker and Boo Hewerdine will be folk club guests at the Links Hotel, Montrose (8pm). Tickets £8. Simply unmissable, I don't care where you live!

Now it's back to making the tea and sorting out fancy dress for Small Girl's World Book Day at school tomorrow. Boy, does she like to dress up!


swiss said...

the dundee thing i may actually be able to do. by coincidence i'm off to see some norwegian bloke who;s playing with the rather fabulous catriona mackay in stirling on friday

Dominic Rivron said...

A Strong Song Tows Us was brilliant, wasn't it? It took me completely by surprise -I didn't know it was on- as I sat in a car park listening to the radio.

Rachel Fox said...

Swiss - be good to see you. Catriona McKay was here at the folk club before xmas - brilliant she was!

And Dominic...was it a nice car park?


Tom Morton said...

Well said about the Lee Hall thing Rachel - was very good.

Meant to say - really liked the Larkin poem on Myspace.

Rachel Fox said...

Nice to see you over here, Tom. As I say I would have missed that programme altogether if it hadn't been for Swiss...which just shows that blogging is good for us after all!

Glad you liked the Larkin thing too. It's new so I haven't read it out anywhere yet.


Liz said...

Looking forward to tuning in to that program tonight over a night-cap vino...and well done on being asked to do more gigs - things are really happening for you...brava!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks, Liz. Plenty of everyday crap to keep me down to earth though too!

I enjoyed your Wrong Miracle post today by the way. It reminded me of what I was up to about this time last year...and then that made me pick my own book for half an hour and look through it and think about the choices I made back then. Some days I look at the book and think 'what was I doing?!' but today was not one of those I thought 'do you's not the way everyone would do it but it's my way and I'm proud of it'. Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow...I believe it was your countryman Ronan Keating who once sang the truth...that 'life is a rollercoaster'. Oh my G/god!


Colin Will said...

You're going to be busy Rachel. It sounds like a great series of gigs. Enjoy.

Rachel Fox said...

I noticed you're up this way for Wordfringe soon Colin. Jump off the train for a tea-break if you have the time.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I envy you being near so many places where live performances of one kind or another are going on, Rachel. Don't envy you sorting out small girls fancy dress!

Rachel Fox said...

Luckily it was a recycled costume this time, she wore for Halloween a few years ago. It only needed a tweak here and there.

Kat Mortensen said...

Sorry, but I choked on my tea at the name Basil Bunting - sounds so P.G. Wodehouse to me!

Will check it out.


Dominic Rivron said...

Market Square, Leyburn. It's free so yes, a nice car park, as car parks go. Quite a scenic area, too.

Colin Will said...

It's a renga in Huntly last I heard - I'm still waiting for details.

Ken Armstrong said...

Lee Hall also wrote 'Spoonface Steinberg' which divided radio listeners into love it/hate it brigades at the time. I thought it was just great to get people to care about radio like that again.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes - a hugely successful radio project, that. It was really different - I liked it.
Hall and I were at uni at the same time (had some mutual friends) so you're not the only one to be whitewashed by contemporaries, Ken. Good job we're not bitter.