Sunday, 1 February 2009

A quick Boo

Got to be quick - got visitors - but must tell you how fantastic it was to see and hear Boo Hewerdine at Out of the Woods in Dundee again last night. Boo most often writes songs for others to perform (Eddi Reader, Heidi Talbot, Kris Drever and lots and lots of others) but he is also a fantastic live performer of his own material. I tried to find a decent YouTube clip to show you what I'm raving about but most of them are for one of his better-known songs ('The Patience of Angels') and that's not one of my favourites so I didn't fancy putting that up. None of our community favourites are on his MySpace just now either so the best I could find was this amazon page that lets you hear some samples from one of his many great albums. Go to 'Slow Learner' on this one...we requested it last night and he played it as his encore. My pal Verona is a HUGE fan and that's her favourite song so she was as far over the moon as a person can be on the edges of Dundee on a Saturday night. If you get a chance to go and see Boo anytime, any place, you go and don't spare the horses.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad you were able to sneak off for a quick blog, Rachel. I feel quite deprived if I don't put one on every day. Glad you enjoyed Boo.

Rachel Fox said...

It was WONDERFUL, Weaver! I feel full of that crazy joy that a good night out can induce!

And look - quite hysterical with exclamation marks too...


swiss said...

sounds good, and just up the road. what was the baltic connection tho?

t unhappy because she just found out we missed karine polwart and rachel unthank in glasgow last night. i have a crap job apparently...!

Rachel Fox said...

Yes - what a let-down you are, Swiss! I've seen KP twice and RU once and both are brilliant so you missed a great night there. We've been to Celtic Connections once and do intend to go back.

The music in Dundee was just in a bit cheekily like the Celtic I think. Plus when the wind blows here in the winter people often say 'it's baltic'.


Dominic Rivron said...

Your post caught my eye because not only is there a musician called Boo, there is also a musical instrument called the Boo. (You may or may not know this).
If go to this page and move down to the bit about the Boo, you can even play it online, using you keyboard.