Friday, 6 February 2009

The love of small things - part 5 (Friday)

So here we are...Friday already...and it's time for my last small poem for this week and the end of this little project. First off I thought I would post this one:

What the arts editor thinks when your masterpiece arrives on their desk

Oh great
Just what the world needs
Another book of sodding* poetry

*Please replace with any other suitable expletive as required

RF 2009

But then I thought maybe there'd been enough poems about poetry this week already so I decided to go with this one instead:


Years of experience
In a plastic crate from B & Q
Considering all that's in there
It's very quiet when you lift the lid

RF 2005

Maybe I'll write about diaries another time...I really have got a crate of them...but I'm out of words right now so I'll stop. Back next week.



I got a kick out of them both, Rachel. You know, that second one is pretty deep.

swiss said...

lol, i have just such a box

Rachel Fox said...

Hi Susan...and do you know that 'Diaries' is the first poem of mine that Jim Murdoch said he liked? I remember these things...

And Swiss...maybe our boxes should meet. They might be friends.


Dave King said...

They are equally amusing, but I think you've gone with the right one - and not because of the expletive.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Dave...except of course I cheated and snuck both in.

Unknown said...

Heh, I don't think they even think that, they just sweep them into a large cardboard box that they keep at the end of the desk to be given to charity shops!

Rachel Fox said...

You confused me there, B. I thought you were talking about the diaries poem...but then I worked it out in the end.

hope said...

You made the week interesting. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A neat comment on the muteness of past scribblings. I wish mine were as quiet. When I occasionally release the outpourings of relative youth from confinement, it yabbers and spouts at embarrassing volume.

Have a good weekend, Rachel. Stay warm!

Rachel Fox said...

I always expect to hear voices saying things like 'she never did that?', 'no, she did, she did!' and then of course a few 'why on earth did she think that was a good idea?'s.

Anonymous said...

Diaries is a lovely poem.

I compare your free verse to my recent foreshortened-prose and I see, without question, that you are a poet and I am not. (I've very happy with that situation).

You are *such* a poet though.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Ken. Just don't tell the dogs.

Piper said...
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Anonymous said...

Your peoms are as intense as the enveloping silence

Kat Mortensen said...

Which is exactly why I'm very hesitant to put an ms. together.
I love the Diaries poem. I kept them intermittently, when I was very young - as I got older they became lists.


Rachel Fox said...

Hello and welcome. Thanks for your comment.

I started diaries properly at about 11 and only stopped once when I had a stern boyfriend who disapproved and thought them silly. After a while he just decided I was too silly and then once he was gone I got back to the diaries soon enough. An interlude of foolishness all round. I have a short poem about that time too ('Girls learn this only once'). It can apply to any kind of romantic relationship (not just girls/boys) but that is the one that inspired it hence its slant.