Sunday, 6 July 2008

Told you I was natural...

Short but smashing review of one's book on ink-sweat-and-tears.

They publish a really good range of poems on the site and it's well-worth emailing your stuff off to the editor Charles Christian.


Ken Armstrong said...

What a good review!!

"Without doubt it is the most enjoyable new collection I've read this year..."

'Cos you're too modest to quote it.

Well deserved, well done.

Dave King said...

Excellent news for you. And a good steer for me. Thanks and congratulations!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks chaps. There's nothing like a good review for making a person want to go tapdancing through the town centre! I guess 'enjoyable' wouldn't be every poet's favourite adjective in a review but you know...all things considered...I like it and am happy to have it. 'Spread the joy' is the catch-phrase Verona and I have been developing for when we're off to do some singing and poems in public so 'enjoyable' seems fitting. It's mainly tongue-in-cheek...the catch-phrase...not the singing (that would be tricky...).

p.s. Dave sorry to get to your punctuation and spelling post so late...I tripped over an ellipsis (they're everywhere in this house) and had to go to A & E. They said I was beyond medical intervention.

Fiendish said...

Ooh, a punctuation injury. You should be glad it wasn't a forward slash.

The review was lovely! Well done you :)

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks fiendish (I nearly always type 'fie' as a kind of nickname but then think that might be presumptuous... us never having met or anything).
It's good to get positive reviews - especially from people I have never met, have no connections to, have not been romantically involved with etc. etc. Even better the guy who did this review actually bought his copy of the book!

Sorlil said...