Saturday, 19 July 2008

Birthday love

I wasn't planning on a post today but I was just making a birthday cake for my beloved and listening to the lovely cd by Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl 'Two' and I thought maybe a birthday love poem was in order. My beloved is (a) long-suffering, (b) as near perfect as a human being can be and (c) not at all interested in poetry (except mine, obviously). He is interested in most other things but literary he is not. Hence the following poem...

Poetic love

You might say my eyes were green like fresh new leaves
You might write a phrase to praise my skin
You might stroke my hair
When I've just dyed it
You might marvel at its feel and sheen

You might stay up all night just wondering to yourself
How it is this angel came to be
You might try a sonnet
You might try an ode
You might shed a tear or two or three

If I had chosen poet this might be my life
It might be my golden cage of yore
With you I'm flying free
But still feel treasured
All those compliments could be a bore

You help me understand how mobile phones work
You pick me up and sometimes make my tea
You hold me close
Whenever possible
I don't need odes
You're it for me

RF 2005

Happy birthday, lovely man.


shug said...

yon's very sweet, Ma Fox. Mrs Shug's birthday today actually too.

Rachel Fox said...

I'm sure Mrs Shug has to raise her eyebrows (and/or groan) about as often as Mr Rachel...

He was pleased with it - the blog. He's not one for exposure in public (like myself) but now and again...he doesn't mind a little appreciation!