Friday, 30 May 2008

Encore about the singers

Oh my, oh my, oh my...Michael Marra was guest at the folk club here last night (it's usually every other Tuesday but it was a special one-off Thursday to join up with Montrose's new Music Festival). I've seen Dundee's super-finest before (about 2 years ago also at the folk club here) and I enjoyed the show then. This time it was....just as good but maybe even better because now I know some of the songs and could sing along (when required).

Marra is just brilliant - funny, great stories, great rapport with the adoring audience. He's nicely neurotic too (so twitchy off stage, so comfortable on...a man after my own heart...though luckily the latter is already fixed elsewhere so I don't have to turn into a stalker fan). His lyrics are fantastic and he has a clever way with words all round - no word is wasted, no idea overlooked. Also his piano playing is lovely (and a nice change in a folk club where guitars so often rule the roost), his one or two trips to the guitar subtle and charming and then of course there is his amazing voice that goes so low you wonder if it'll find its way back up.

I love a lot of singers...but this one is truly tremendous - especially live. Catch him when you can!


Ken Armstrong said...

I didn't know Michael Marra so I went off on a little Google-hunt. (Reading that my beloved Tom Waits is an influence for him inspired my a bit to action).

How rewarding that was! I heard him sing 'Miss Otis Regrets' and 'Green Grow the Rashes' (very nice).

I may have to go and grab a CD now, what would you recommend to start out with? - I am attracted to the cleverly titled 'High Sobriety'. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Glad to have made another convert. I have 'Chaso Theory' and 'Posted Sober' and both of those are great though I probably listen to the former most. I don't know the one you mention. He never plugs his cds much at gigs..he is the least active musician in the marketing area that I've ever come across. Last week he had a few cds in a carrier bag but someone else was taking them round...