Monday, 19 May 2008

Crazy days

I have one child (or I should say...we have one child...the beloved does not like being overlooked!). Our girl is lovely but for lots of reasons - one child she stays. So... now we have a puppy too - for lots of reasons but mainly for small girl to love it and for it to love her. It did not sleep particularly well so I am feeling like a new parent this morning (i.e. a little demented...I do really badly on poor wonder all those years of nightclubbing and no sleep drove me quite so bananas). And, worse news... my usually poor punctuation is in real trouble. So...basically...expect some crazy posts and comments from me for a couple of weeks. And sorry. Sort of. Just remember...things could be much's only blogging!

On the plus side Verona and I went to the open mic at Stonehaven folk club on Friday (the club runs every Friday at the Heugh Hotel in Stonehaven...they have guests, session nights, all sorts). We did poems, songs, funny bits, serious bits...and it all went down well. People were friendly and there was a great mix of singers and musicians and even some other poetry in the air! It was nice to meet some new folk and have a fun night out with the lasses (4 women in a car - much laughing, many bad taste jokes...).

Now, where is the pile of old newspapers?


Jim Murdoch said...

Strange, I found your post quite … endearing … with all its quirky pauses – and asides – so much so, that – and this is rare for me – I felt compelled to read the opening part out loud to my wife … who was equally (and suitably) entertained. I just though I'd let you know.

Rachel Fox said...

Do you know...I get called 'quirky' more than any other adjective...I wasn't sure at first but I have decided that it is probably better than whatever the opposite is (quirk-free? quirkless?). I have embraced the quirk...