Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The soundtrack makes the day

Another posting? Just felt like it...feeling full of the joys of nearly spring or something.
After the rock'n'roll of the weekend it has been back to home life and my bizarre but generally pleasant not-really-a-housewife world. Today, for example, has been a great day for listening to music - I did ironing to Waking the Witch ('Hands and Bridges' - marvellous), general duties to Jo Freya's 'Lal' (the songs of Lal Waterson - love it more with every listen), sewed a patch on my favourite jeans to June Tabor's 'Apples' ('Send us a quiet night' what a total world-stopper) and then just now made macaroni cheese to Feist's 'The Reminder' (dancing as I stirred). Who needs anti-depressants when you have a decent CD collection (or indeed a radio). There has been much talk of depression this week - on my myspace blog, on other blogs, in the press - but in my kitchen, today, happiness is a wooden spoon, a big lump of cheese and a woman singing her heart out (well, two of us in fact). Which reminds me Feist's voice keeps reminding me of someone but I can't think who...I'm usually quite good at sounds-like spotting but not this time. Having heard her mentioned in a Jon Stewart Starbucks spoof last week it seems she is already over-played a la Norah Jones in the States. I'd never heard of her before Jools Holland the other week so am blissfully ignorant of her passe status (as of so much else). Fashion, hah, I laugh in your face!

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