Monday, 3 March 2008

Singing and winning

So ask did Out of the Woods last night in Dundee go?
Only absolutely bloody fantastic! Verona and I had a great night and the rest of the bill was just brilliant. Pauline Meikleham started off with her amazing voice and her groovy songs (and her quite groovy jigging about with the guitar). After that it was V and me....Verona was aching with nerves but when it came to showtime she managed to overcome them and put in a great performance. We did two songs together and she did two solos and I did about ten poems all mixed in between the songs (and a lot of blethering too). We got a great feel from the crowd and some lovely comments afterwards. Highpoints were Verona's 'Jewels' song about her kids (it was Mother's Day...we saw tears in eyes here and there..) and, well, I felt good about all the spoken stuff (poems and rants). I sold some cards, spoke to some lovely folk, felt a really good connection with people. It was fantastic. Best of all Verona felt more confident having put in a good performance so we may even do the songs and poems combination more often. It really works, I think. I enjoy doing it, I like the crowds you get for music shows, and I love getting to hear the other Waking the Witch who headlined last night. They were...just a delight to listen to. Great harmonies, great playing, great songs...such a shame they are just splitting up (one of the band members was very pregnant - looked ready to drop at any moment). But the band members will all go on to great things I'm sure as they are all so talented.
Very tired was a late night. And guess what...I didn't do many funny poems but still one of the Witches asked me why I didn't go into stand-up comedy..? It must be my singing...Ah, well. You can't have everything.

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