Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow, panic, disappointment

Snow, snow, snow... and gradually our daughter learns why grown-ups are sometimes less than excited about that white stuff (because almost everything gets cancelled in this country when it snows!). The headlines in the papers are already promising months of freeze, the whole island running out of fuel and so on and so on. I'd happily go to bed for a week or more if I could.

Anyway, I will get to this week's Poetry Bus later in the weekend (driven by Kat - prompt here) though can't promise I will manage to obey all the instructions. In the meantime here's a small poem of mine that came to mind the other day. It's quite an old one (p.76 of little green book).

About the thing

Sorry for every shout
Sorry it was never worth
Even being cross about

Sorry for decisions made
For all the drips of selfishness and
Errors I cannot explain

Sorry for not being it
The big success
The worldwide hit

Sorry that I didn't try
Do you think that?
Worse still, do I?

RF 2005



Kat Mortensen said...

Ah, I followed the link from FB - didn't realize it was the same poem. You'll have read my comment there, I expect.


The Bug said...

Boy I could use this poem about once a month. I'm often fairly clueless & usually very sorry when I wake up & realize what I've done. Sigh.

I'm really sorry that your part of the world has decided to have another little ice age! Brrr! Maybe I won't complain TOO much if we get 2 inches of snow tomorrow. If I do complain I'll try to be sorry about it.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes... as I also said on FB... this poem hangs around my head a little.

It's cold even with the heating on just now!


Short Poems said...

Nice poem, love it :)

Niamh B said...

This should be on a card, I love the title.
And yes, we're totally panicking about the snow too.

Rachel Fox said...

Maybe Niamh... it could be the most depressing poem in a shop ever!

Thanks SP. And hello.


Rachel Fox said...

And the title I have to confess is more than a bit 'Friends'.

Phoenix C. said...

Some are saying this is just a cold snap and the rest of the Winter will be quite warm. Hope they're right!

Though it does seem to bring out a spirit of camaraderie and humour here in the North East! And the excuse to eat lots of calories!!

I love this poem in your book.

Domestic Oub said...

I've just gotten up today after taking to my bed for three days because of the snow. Sadly I think it just left me even more grumpy!

Loved the poem :)

Rachel Fox said...

Glad I posted it today now - the poem is feeling the love!

Titus said...

It's the fearlessness of this poem I love so much, I think.

Had our first inch or so here, but fuel is still - allegedly - running out!

Karen said...

Some days I think Sorry is my middle name.

My parents have a habit of using the word "sorry" to mean of poor workmanship, as in "That's a sorry paint job," as if the paint job should apologize for itself.

Rachel Fox said...

Fearless... really? Felt like just the opposite...

I remember a girl at school (an American as it happens) who used to say sorry so much she used to end up saying 'I'm sorry for being sorry'. We all used to scream at her which probably didn't help.


Lydia said...

Do you? You mustn't! Your work is brilliant and I love this poem.

Sorry this winter is such a hard one. It will pass...but not soon enough!

Rachel Fenton said...

Politeness crimes; you'll get arrested writing poems like this! I liked it when I first read it, and now it's taken on other meanings and it's one of those that has so much room to grow because you leave room for the reader to insert themselves into your place (not that I want to be in the snow right now).

Stafford Ray said...

'Sorry that I didn't try
Do you think that?
Worse still, do I?'
Oh dear! The constant torment of the self flagellator! If only I had tried that little bit harder, forgetting that it almost killed you to make it that far! Join the club if it makes you feel better. Loved the poem!

Rachel Fox said...

I nearly didn't put this poem in my book but a friend asked me to keep it in and I'm glad I did now. I suppose I was worried about showing too much obvious weakness... but that is part of the work of poetry isn't it (saying what others might choose not to reveal!). I wrote it directly to my Mum (but never told her that)... and partly to myself as well, I suppose. It is kind of pathetic... but it's only bit of me... we all have our pathetic moments!