Friday, 31 December 2010

A final Bus

photo by Mark Stephenson, "Sunrise over the river Tay"

There is one more Poetry Bus for 2010. A selection box of prompts came from Jeanne Iris (here) and I chose this one:

Ask yourself what it is that you will do this year to advance humanity (or simply yourself) toward a higher level of consciousness. Then write a poem about it.

No small prompt!

Xmas is a funny time I find. Too much food, not enough routine... either you're working and wish you weren't or you aren't working and, after a few days of intense family life, you wish you were. Or maybe I'm just never contented... rarely at this time of year it must be said. My mother-out-law told me that growing up she was told “Christmas is for Christians, Hogmanay is for heathens”... hell, no wonder I've always preferred the latter. And we're nearly there, nearly out of the woods.

Like most folk we've watched our share of movies this holiday and in one of them I heard the simple line “you have to look for your life” (well, movie spotters... what is it? What movie?). This year I will be looking for my life in some new places, I know that for sure... (big trip coming up... my family's crazy half-gap year... but more of that later). For now here's a simple poem for the end of this year and the beginning of the next (and it somehow relates back to this one that I posted almost exactly two years ago). May 2011 be a good one for us all.

Moving on

There might be flying
But it will be different

We will fly from the soles of our feet
To the very tips of our fingers

And we will think we are running
But it will be much, much more

RF 2010

p.s. A friend bought me a book of Alastair Reid's poetry for Xmas. Straightaway I love this poem (also, bizarrely considering the heathen business, here). Onwards, my friends, onwards. The exit's here somewhere.



Niamh B said...

great poem - you have a really great way of putting alot of emotion across in very few words, the adventure sounds exciting too - look forward to hearing more on that!!

Louise said...

A poem that as a reader you know instinctivly that it says so much more. Well done on the final 2010 bus!

Rachel Fox said...

There will be info on the trip here. Nothing much there yet.
Glad you like the wee poem. I doubt I'll make it to the Poetry Bus much in 2011 so it is a kind of good-bye.

Domestic Oub said...

Oh, I hate goodbyes!!! Arggh. Too hormonal. Sniffle, sniffle. Love the poem btw. I second what Niamh says, so much said without having to use too many words. Powerful.

Dave King said...

Moving On... very moving. (Really, a little gem.)

The very best of all Good new Years to you and yours.

hope said...

I think 2011 will be the year of "much, much more" for you and yours. And I get to look forward to it too!

As the great Don Cornelius of "Soul Train" use to proclaim, "I wish you peace, love and soul!" {What? I had to end on a musical moment).

Liz said...

Liked the poem, Rachel and the way it made me read between the've got me curious about your half-gap year. ; ) This year we are hoping to go East for 5 weeks and am walking on air just thinking about it...looking forward to hearing about yours.

Sarah said...

I like the message of your poem, very inspiring and freeing! Happy New Year!

Rachel Fox said...

We set off at the beginning of February... more details nearer the time. There was a TV series here this year called 'My family's crazy gap year' - hence the terminology in the post!
Happy travels to you Liz... and happy new year to all.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Here's hoping that 2011 is a very special year for you all. Love too.

Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

LOVE this, Rachel! Looking forward to possibly meeting you this year if you make it through Connecticut. Will send you info on some sites you may want to visit here.
Happy New Year! It WILL be a great one!

Totalfeckineejit said...

I like this poem, it's reaching forward, not looking back. It also put flying feet into my head which then conjours a bit from one of my favourite songs

'Here come duck-tailed Danny dragging Uncanny Annie
She's the one with the flying feet
You can break the peace daddy sickle grease
The beat is reet complete'

Name that tune! Answers on a 100 pound note to EEjit Castle Langers Lane Ballyfolly Co. Wicklow.

Have a great New Year!

The Bug said...

I don't like good-byes either (although I'm hoping it's just the poetry you'll be skipping, not the blog). But I do love the poem - the idea of flying with our whole beings. What must that feel like?

Rachel Fox said...

It's turning into quite a party here (and here's me about to have a quiet Hogmanay for first time in AGES!).

Had to look up your song, TFE, only know his big hits.

And no-one's done my film quiz yet! Maybe it's too brief and simple a quote.


Rachel Fox said...

Oh, and Bug I will be blogging but elsewhere while we're away. The link is on the third comment (but nothing much at it yet).

The Bug said...

I don't watch movies - much. If your quote isn't "Do Not Seek The Treasure!" then I'm sunk :)

I already "followed" your other blog.

Rachel Fox said...

Never heard of that movie!

Are you the first follower? Probably. May have to make you a rosette or something... plus one for your singing today too!


Rachel Fox said...

Doh! Just realised you were quoting a movie... not naming one...

Helen said...

... a positive affirmation for a new year! May it be a happy one for you.

Rachel Fox said...

Morning everyone. Happy New Year all.

martine said...

Hi Rachel, loved the simplicity of you poem, also thanks for the link to the 'music lesson' I really loved that one.
Happy New Year, from one heathen to another:-)
much love

Rachel Fox said...

Heathen love indeed.

Dominic Rivron said...

Happy New Year. Your poem reminded me of the Maharishi's "yogic flying"... did you have it in mind too?

Rachel Fox said...

Not consciously!

Karen said...

I love the forward motion here - from the soles of your feet, up and out!

I can't wait to hear more about your travels, too. Nothing I like better than travels!

Rachel Fox said...

Lots of forwards coming up this year, Karen. It makes me tired just thinking about it right now!

Peter Goulding said...

You really are the master (mistress?) of poetic conciseness, Rachel.

Titus said...

Stunning six lines! And a great start for 2011.