Thursday, 8 April 2010

What's on TV?

It's been a messy week here - girl off school, Grandma in bed ill, dog sulking a bit at being ignored...lots of running up and downstairs for me. Still, the blog must go here's a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago about one of my not-so-secret loves. It has a TV theme (TV gets a bad press but you know it has produced some fantastic works of art too...I'm considering writing a whole series of poems about my favourite TV programmes...).

The man

You stink of power
Sweaty, wrong
Your stupid vests
Off white, too long
Your meat-slab hands
So mean and low
Your eating habits
Far to go

You're selfish, greedy
Cruel, lazy
More TV dinner
Than Scorsese
You're hooked on women
Screw by screw
What you don't care
Is why or who

And yet you're craved
With passions strong
At home we wait
Full hungry throng
We know it's fatal
Falling so
God damn you, Tony

RF 2010

And here's a youtube Sopranos montage thing (though it does show a few key moments from the series so it's only for the initiated). Does it glamorise violence, you may ask? Well, yes, undoubtedly...but then it's great, great drama and so much great drama takes evil as its starting point. And when it comes down to it if I had to choose 'Macbeth' or Tony and friends...I know who I'd take. Hands off, he's mine!

Back at the weekend for Niamh's Poetry Bus outing - it's a tough one but we can handle it, right?


Eryl said...

I've never seen the Sopranos. The poem's great and now I feel I know as much as I need to about Tony.

A series of poems about TV would be superb, you must do it. I think I could write a whole book about my devotion to Lost.

Rachel Fox said...

'Lost', eh? Not one I ever watched though I did sit in the room now and again while Mark was watching it (and was told off for snorting derisively now and seemed the whole series was 'lost' at times...). I'd been such a fan of 'Party of Five' too (sentimental but great if you were in the mood) so I couldn't really imagine Matthew Fox as anyone but PoF's Charlie either. He was great in that.


Niamh B said...

Love the Tony Poem - and yes, course ye're well up for the challenge... I'll never be left in charge of anything again.

Marion McCready said...

Really like this, good strong beat to match the strong voice behind those words.

hope said...

Okay, I'm with Eryl. Never watched the Sopranos...maybe I OD'd on Mafia stuff as a kid...or too much DeNiro/Pacino/et al. :)

LOST is starting to make sense. My sis-in-law kept asking if I'd "fallen for Sawyer", the resident bad boy. Nope, more of a Desmond fan. And it's all SIL's fault for buying me the 1st two seasons, right before the 3rd one debuted...and got me hooked! Easy to do when you can cram an entire season watching the Sopranos I suppose. Liked the poem...more than Tony. :p

Eryl said...

If you ever find yourself with 40 hours to kill you could do worse than to watch Lost in one fell swoop. I went through a phase where it annoyed me but now, oh my!

Hope, I'm a Desmond girl too!

WV is hyper.

Rachel Fox said...


Totalfeckineejit said...

WV = word verification.I likes to help :)

Enjoyed the coolio poem

'You're selfish, greedy
Cruel, lazy
More TV dinner
Than Scorsese'

Wins rhyme of the month hands down.Could never get the sopranos.It's yer mans funny little voice for a tough guy that I just couldn't get over.Other tough guys can have funny little voices (like Mike Tyson)and it just weirdly adds to their menace but his just makes me want to laugh!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks for the help with WV! I was thinking West Virginia? Who the heck lives there? Hope lives in South Carolina...

Anyway, glad you like the rhyme but 'funny little voice'? FUNNY LITTLE VOICE! I'm afraid we'll have to come and clip you for that.


Dick said...

What a great notion - poems about favourite TV programmes. I've managed to miss 'The Sopranos', but this is intriguing enough to have me coming back for more.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Dick. I've done plenty of research in this field...may as well put it to some use!

Titus said...

Heaven. Heaven. All just Heaven.

There were people who didn't watch "The Sopranos"?

Rachel Fox said...

Well, I got to it quite late. BUt the fewer people who want him...the fewer people we have to share him with!

Rob said... - second pamphlet down.

I've to review this, and have only just started to read it. Not that its existence should stop you from having a go too!

Rachel Fox said...

Shows the power of the show, I suppose, that so many of us feel the urge to write about it. Could be a whole genre!

Mark said...

A whole genre indeed -

A guide to the series

The psychology of the series
The philosophy of the series
and my favourite the cookbook of the series

Group 8 said...

Love it!!! Ah lovely bad Tony.