Friday, 26 February 2010

Passion, old fruit?

Many regular readers will know at least something about Colin McGuire (or McGuire as he's often known online). He is a youngish man who lives over Glasgow way and he is a writer...a writer of some promise (though whether any literary scene will be able to hold him is another matter...). He blogs here.

Last year I became the lucky owner of his first book 'Riddled with Errors' and I was reading it the other night when I came across a piece of prose called 'A True History of the Banana'. I laughed and laughed as I read it and this made me happy because humour is (and always been) one of my main passions (and remember this is International Week of Huge Passion here at More about the song).

You can read the Banana treatise here (though it's a slightly different version to the one in the book because he's an awkward bugger that way, young McGuire...but I kind of love him for it...awkward buggers of the world unite and all that...some hope...all too bloody awkward).

Anyway, on that rambling and badly punctuated note, I'll move along. See you on the other side for TFE's 'next life' assignment.



The Weaver of Grass said...

Your last sentence made me laugh! I always think that humour is the most difficult thing to write.

Rachel Fox said...

Well, seeing as I made you laugh, Weaver, I would agree that, yes, only very clever people can be funny.

Ken Armstrong said...

McGuire Rocks, as we know.

Shame the picture doesn't get much bigger, I can't get a look at him. :)

Rachel Fox said...

A man of mystery evidently.

The Solitary Walker said...

Thnak God there's another man of mystery round here.

hope said...

Should we be concerned that you know so MANY men of mystery? :)

Haven't visited McGuire for a while...need to pop over and check. Thanks!

Rachel Fox said...

Some women might say all men are a mystery...but not me, I'd never generalise...

The banana post is an old one, Hope. The new one's more kiwi fruit.


Titus said...

We love McGuire! Buy this book now!
He is an awkward bugger though.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, but in the nicest possible way.

Rachel Fox said...

A good post about McGuire here too.