Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Jingle bells? Not here, not now...

I am so not in the mood for Xmas music this year (remember we talked about Xmas music last year - here). I listened to this yesterday and thought I might post it here (play LOUD please!).

It's a cover of the Public Enemy track 'Black Steel' done by Tricky and taken from the BRILLIANT 1995 album 'Maxinquaye' (possibly one of my favourite albums ever...).

Oh and let's have some Public Enemy whilst we're might remember this track from the Spike Lee movie 'Do the Right Thing'.

Cliff Richard it ain't.

p.s. Just got a nice book mention over at Susan's place. Rejoice!



Titus said...

Now That's What I Call Christmas Music #1!

Haven't started the cards or decorating myself yet - just can't seem to finish work, even though we had our works Christmas lunch yesterday (very nice).

Yippee on the Susan review.

Niamh B said...

Christmas is a lot of work isn't it? I spent a full 1.5 hours yesterday evening writing cards, then got the tree put up, but couldn't be bothered putting decorations on at that stage, so have a naked tree in my living room that I'm just hoping will dress itself...

Rachel Fox said...

We've got the tree up and decked (largely because Girl nagged) and some solar fairy lights outside (that seem to last for about an hour...not brilliant). Cards are (almost all) done and gone. Presents are in but not wrapped. School Xmas show last week. School Xmas disco this week (and I'm helping!). 'Elf' taped but not yet watched...


Niamh B said...

Hope you're dj ing at the school disco - twould be the coolest school disco ever!

Rachel Fox said...

Heck no! I wouldn't know any of the music for a start. I gave up on chart/pop some time ago and I haven't mentioned anything to parents involved in the disco planning about my DJing history (they think I'm quite weird enough with the poetry and the only child...oh, and the not married business...and the mother living with us...). And I wonder why we don't fit in locally...


A Cuban In London said...

Marvellous. That's my Christmas music, especially number 1. Like you I am bored by carols and Christmas songs.

Pity that I went off PE years ago. It was always PE and the Tribe for me. I've kept my love for the Tribe (especially their two landmark albums 'People's Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm' and 'Midnight Marauders') but Public Enemy was never the same after they disbanded. What with thingy of the watches doing BB at some point. :-)

Great post. Oh, that first clip is the dog's bollocks, I love Tricky, but that bass guitarist is the business.

Greetings from London.

Rachel Fox said...

Glad you like these, Cuban. Both me and the DJ partner were huge Tricky fans and used to play that album a lot. I still like his new stuff but haven't got the latest album yet. I like his crazy energy.

I was never a big PE fan but I do like some of the tracks. At their best they were very, very good.

undeleted said...

With you on the Xmas music Foxy, although I did get a couple of decent mixes recently - one called I'm Dreaming of a Shite Xmas by a guy called Johnny Trunk. Very good.

I know I should like Tricky, what with all our shared interests (!) but I just can't get into it, though that's one of the ones I like most.

PE are brilliant. And the Security of the First World - so butch!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sorry Rachel, but I do have to hear Bing Crosby sing White Christmas at least once each year otherwise I feel I have missed out an important part of Christmas.

Rachel Fox said...

It's OK if you don't like Tricky undeleted...I don't seem to remember ever growing to love the Butthole Surfers. And about a thousand other bands.

I do quite like Bing, Weaver (in fact at one point I owned a box set of him!). It just all gets so overplayed...maybe by Xmas Eve I might manage to be in the mood for it. And snow would help.


deemikay said...

I'm on a quest for the perfect christmas song. It will have:

a) sleighbells
b) a big dirty bass
c) five part harmonies
d) lyrics about nastiness and niceness living side-by-side in a beautiful utopia
e) a ukulele
f) a fuzzed-up solo
g) more sleighbells
h) a rhyme rhyming "ho ho ho" with "woe woe woe"
i) a singer with moustaache
j) a female drummer
k) a stylophone (sans Rolf)
l) add to b) another dirty synth bass line.
m) a lack of a children's choir ("Christmas is for grown-ups")
n) a "bom bom bom" a la Bing.
o) a rhyme rhyming "ho ho ho" with "yuletide-a-go-go"
p) double-tracked sleighbells

(I'm tempted to go to z, but this isn't a time for temptation.)

And as I'm at work and can't access Youtube, I can only dream that that's what Tricky is up to. :)

deemikay said...

Oh, and

q) a lyric pleading for smaller christmas cards to use less paper...

Rachel Fox said...

Strange stuff Xmas music...I heard one of the new Bob Dylan Xmas offerings the other day on the radio...not really for me.

deemikay said...

Not for me either. I heard it described as "going to midnight mass and being stuck in front of the drunk who's wandered in off the street".

Part of me still believes it's a joke on BD's part...

I think we should have more depressing Christmas songs. That's my memory of Christmas fairs in Germany - american miserabilisms from the 1950s. Which was nice. :)

Rachel Fox said...

It must be nice to be like Bob though in some ways, musn't it? To be able to put out absolutely anything you like and not give a flying figgy pudding what anyone else thinks about it! Fairly blissful, I imagine.


deemikay said...

Oh yes... bliss is the word! Picasso did sort of the same in his last ten years. :)