Monday, 10 August 2009

Words and more words

Short posts right now! Here is another holiday photo:

(very rough translation - 'thoughts fly and words go on foot - there you have the writer's drama/problem/story')

We took this photo in France - in la Charité sur Loire where they have little excerpts like this all over town thanks to their yearly word festival. I'd never heard of the writer quoted above (one Julien Green) but you can read all about him here. I liked the quote.

Told you it was short posts...schools back next week.



Titus said...

Love it! Love the photo, love the quote. Particularly love the idea of a word festival.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, different to a book or literature festival somehow...freer...and I've always been a freedom junkie.


Rachel Fenton said...

A word festival does sound great, and you reminded me of a post I read here,
about a poetry wall, which is just the lovliest idea...just pin your poem to the wall and share your words...

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks Rachel - had a look and it looks great.

The Solitary Walker said...

There's a book of Julian Green's called 'Paris' which I read a long time ago, a very quirky, beautifully written book about all the secret passageways and hidden alleyways and forgotten parks and squares hardly anyone ever visits in Paris. I would thoroughly recommend it. A bit romantic, a bit 'nostalgie de la boue'. I think there's a whole genre of this 'flaneur' kind of literature. Of particular interest to me - with my walking thing.

Rachel Fox said...

I knew one of you clever people would have heard of him!

Hugh McMillan said...

He was American, actually, but chronicled paris in the 50s and 60s
when all these exciting sexy writers and painters were kicking around

Rachel Fox said...

Bit like you lot over in D & G, eh Shug? It's a hotbed of artistic activity over there.