Tuesday, 28 July 2009

But this is what my heart sounds like

French, pah! Spanish, as I may have said before, was the language I loved the most (well, as a teenager anyway...and boy, can teenagers love!). Here is Ana Laan singing one of her lovely songs in Spanish:

Ana is an old friend (albeit one that I seem to have lost touch with...again). Still she's a very good singer and songwriter... even if she doesn't reply to emails. Here she is singing in English on a live recording (the introduction is in Spanish but it sounds lovely even if you don't understand her):

The first song is from her first album 'Orégano' and the second is from her second 'Chocolate and Roses'.

Nothing else to add today. ..gearing up for the visitor season...just enjoy.



Titus said...

How beautiful, in all senses. Black and white of the second one fabulous.

Hope the gearing up isn't too onerous ....

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely. Spanish is such a soulful language.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, both albums are great. I don't think they've had UK releases which is a shame as I think her songs would be very popular with UK audiences. She speaks English fluently too.

As for the gearing up for visitors...it just means more bed linen and shopping lists than sonnets and blogging. Always good to see folk though. Well, almost always.


Rachel Fox said...

The pictures with the first song are from a fan I think.

swiss said...

coincidentally i've been listening to some spanish singing lately
but i;ve been listening to a whole lot more of this sort of malarkey. neighbours generally unhappy...

hope said...

Gracias! :)

Even when they sing of pain and sorrow, I swear the music is still hypnotic and somehow uplifting.

Don't let the visitors wear you out. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Enjoyed both sets of sounds, Swiss. Very much. I have listened to bits of Ojos de Brujo but never invested...our Girl loved this clip though so maybe I will.

And Hope...yes, the sound of Spanish has always done it for me.


Liz said...

Lovely songs there, Rachel.
(your book and postcards arrived today - they are beautiful, looking forward to getting my hols tomorrow and indulging in them...thanks! Will get Miracle sent around the 8/8)