Sunday, 10 February 2008

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

Sorry for the Cinderella heading but it's been a weekend full of little girls. Plus dreams have been this week's subject as there has been much talk of them with our small girl ('how do other people get in my dreams?' 'can I touch them?' 'are they still there now?'). She even lay down on her bed in the middle of Saturday morning to try to get back into a particularly good dream. Parallel universe, indeed.

Also I got to grips with a poem that has been brewing for a while. Its starting point was the phrase so popular with Big Brother contestants 'live the dream'. The poem ('A dream is a song of hope') is on my myspace page and going well so far. It is not at all what I thought it would fact it is such a breast-beater that I'm wondering whether I should go off and train as some kind of evangelical minister - except for my complete lack of any interest in god, I think it could be the career I've always been heading for. Myspace blogs seem to be playing up today but it is there via my MySpace under the blog headed 'live the dream'.

Also I've been dreaming with my book to be. We've started laying out pages and the title changes every day (no, every other day). I know it will be hard work pushing it myself but just now I feel oddly confident. Verona and I are in training for our songs and poems spot on March 2nd too and having great fun getting back into singing to the trees in my front garden. We'll try a couple of songs at the folk club on Tuesday and get her back in full performance mode! I have another new poem for then too - a not very lovey love poem called 'Avon kiss' (named after a Burns mishearing on the radio).

Till next week

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