Sunday, 13 January 2008

Land of make-believe

Montrose is miles from a regular cinema so a trip to the flicks is a major outing. Little girl wanted to see 'Enchanted' and the reviews said it was bearable for parents so we made the journey down to Dundee (oh, once again what I'd give for the ruby red slippers...or even just sparkly ones like in the book if they did the transporting job properly - I'm not fussy). It's not that long a drive but some of it is not dual carriageway and so people just start to act like caged lions if they're held up by a slower vehicle for any time at all. My beloved is a sensible law-abiding driver and says things like 'road's full of idiots today'. Truth is the road is always like that - one of the many things that has put me off driving.
It's odd not driving. I drove from when I was 20 till about 30 then, like a car with a dodgy distributor, I just couldn't go on any more (there were lots of other things going on...and off...but driving was a focal point for my craziness at that point). I thought it would come back but it hasn't yet and I'm really fairly sane now. I can drive on a road with no other vehicles (so just about managed in Auchmithie) but here...even in a small, relatively quiet town, it just doesn't seem to be my way foward. Sometimes it's inconvenient, sometimes a bit embarrassing (am I a wimp - yes, yes, yes), sometimes infuriating (oh, come on, how difficult can it be?). But for now it seems to be out of my reach. I take the bus. I walk. Sometimes I convince myself it's my mind forcing me to be environmentally friendly in a quite underhand way. Other times I say 'lots of poets don't drive..there was even a programme about it on Radio 4...I'm just sensitive'. Also I get lifts (sometimes from my aged much of a wimp does that make me? Makes her feel good though...well, in some ways).
Anyway, back to fairy tales - real life is such a drag. The film was a lot of fun and very entertaining, I'd have to admit, especially the big song and dance number in central park. Maybe that's how I should get about - tap dance everywhere and be accompanied by a mariachi band and a troupe of twirling construction least I think that's what they were.
Until next Sunday.

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