Friday, 17 August 2007

Highs and highs

Good news - the couple liked the wedding poem I had been asked to write for them (see worries several comments below). I had started to dread the feedback...even if you're not a wedding person you don't really want to ruin someone's day with badly judged poetry! So they liked it and all is well there.

On the singing front things are getting out of hand. After our third 'appearance' at the folk club we seem to be getting carried away on a tide of over-confidence (except we don't feel over-confident...we're terrified) and we are singing at Out of the Woods down Dundee way on 2nd September at a songwriters' showcase. Are we crazy? Will we actually collapse under nervous strain? Already had my Winehouse overdoing it phase years ago...far too late to use drink and drugs to get through it now. Herb tea and pies it is then. And practice, practice, practice...

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