Saturday, 19 June 2010

Reach up high for the giant Jesus bus

I'm busy a lot this weekend so am posting this even earlier than usual. This week for the Poetry Bus Kat gave us this story to write about (giant Jesus struck by lightning in the US – see here). Basically in Ohio, USA, this

turned into this

To begin with I thought I might miss this one out (religion is one of the subjects that interests me so little that I can hardly put it into words... my feelings could be more summed by a shrug if I'm honest). But then a little piece was written and it seemed odd not to share it... almost unChristian you might say. So here is my offering and for once I have used a capital G for God (I don't normally...being so areligious it feels odd to me to capitalise... and for a really lovely song by Tom Rosenthal that touches on this theme go really GO, it's worth the click - funny and charming). In this instance and in this piece, somehow, it seemed more right than not to go upper case... maybe because if it were me I would want a capital G (the cheek of it...who does she think she is...). Lots of long lines in this one so the lay-out's a mess...maybe I should try one of these new formats you've all been playing with recently.

Heavens to betsy

If I were God, well, there'd be a few changes I can tell you
I'd be a bit more hands-on, for a start, get stuck in, not hold back
And I don't think I'd be leaving everything to the mortals quite so much
I mean, just look at some of the stuff they get up to
They're like children, don't you think, need a few good pointers

And I know the dear old Bible has its fans and everything
But an update now and again wouldn't do any harm really, would it?
Perhaps a regular newsletter by email (Twitter feed? Text message?)
And I don't see why any God who's serious about their work
Can't provide, oh let's say, a few latest tips, their line on the i-pad, that kind of thing

But every now and then I see that something is with us and hard at work
God or Devil, I've no clue, but my jove it's mighty
A canker is found and wiped out with a vengeance
Say, a white monster Jesus, blitzed quick as you like
Maybe torched from above, and left hollow, for dead

RF 2010



Totalfeckineejit said...

Big fan of my God, not a big fan of giant white statues.I too prefer the minimalist aftermath.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, though part of me wants to admire the...chutzpah of that huge statue I'm afraid it doesn't quite happen. It says (online) that they're going to rebuild it. Uck.

Poetikat said...

This made me laugh. I have to say, you do make some very good points.

I'm glad you took this on; I think a few of us were curious about what you'd do with it. I have to admit that I like this poem.


Sally said...

Builds up to a pretty punchy ending. I like it.

And rebuilding it? Do they believe in God or don't they?

Rachel Fox said...

Kat - I can't be the only godless one on the Bus regularly I...(looks around nervously). Oh heck, maybe I've been on the wrong bus all this time...

Sally - I guess like many people they believe when it suits them. Plus what's a little lightning bolt between friends?


Peter Goulding said...

Its ok, Rachel, I'm a pagan of the highest order.
Great take!

Rachel Fox said...

We are family then Peter...the godless rhymers? The godless part-time rhymers?

The Weaver of Grass said...

You are a girl after my own heart Rachel.

Rachel Fox said...

Nice roses at your place too, Weaver.

The Bug said...

Oh I totally agree with this poem! Even though I'm a regular church-goer I think we could do with a bit more direct intervention instead of believing that God relies on US to carry out God's plan. That's just crazy talk! On the other hand, not being particularly pious, maybe I don't want God to get too involved in MY life - just all those other yahoos.

I am now a member of a Facebook group calling for that church to spend the money on helping people instead of rebuilding the statue.

Rachel Fox said...

Now THAT sounds like good work (and a great idea). Maybe mortals aren't so useless after all...

NanU said...

Ah, Rachel, you've never been to San Diego, or Washington, to see the gigantic, pointy, white temples the Mormons have made. Beats out the Jesus statue by a mile. People driving by call the monstrosities "OZ".
Great poem. I too thought I would give this week a miss, can't think of something clever enough to do reality justice here, but like you, a poem just might break out on its own.

Rachel Fox said...

Ah, but Donny Osmond was my first love so I can forgive the Mormons... probably more than I should do...

See, I'd be a friendly God.

Niamh B said...

I really enjoyed this one. Harnessing technology for communications - God's PR could look into that alright!! :-)

hope said...

What a weirdly odd statue...what where they thinking? Raised a Baptist, we "dunk" our folks rather than sprinkle them [the Catholic way]. I thought perhaps that was the angle they were going for: Jesus ready to baptize.

But it was too weird and perhaps that was God's message. ;) Your poem was great. I think you're safe from lightning. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Yes Niamh...a whole new meaning to the message from God.

And Hope - that lake in the pics is a baptismal pool (according to the wikmaster).


Titus said...

I really liked this; shades of a Presidential Obama-style campaign in the first two verses and then the change of mood and tone for the final verse, which is very telling. Loved the inclusion of a non-capitalised jove and the final line is brilliant.

Must ask Peter how he knows he's a pagan of the "highest order". I didn't think you did hierarchies...

If you know what's good for you, don't touch the new formats. I realise that's a red rag.

Rachel Fox said...

Hierarchies are everywhere...sometimes not so visible, but still there!

Enchanted Oak said...

I like the idea of an email newsletter from the Creator, with tidbits like "10 Failproof Ways to Make Peace in the Middle East" and "5-Minutes Meals for the Homeless." I would like God to text-message the news agencies with the secret to capping the vomiting oil well and ending poverty in Haiti. And while the Almighty is at it, I'd love a phone call explaining the upside to my mother's terrible dementia.
Sigh. Your poem captures the bewilderment I think a lot of us feel.

Rachel Fox said...

Glad you enjoyed it EO. Of course there are folks who think (no, are sure!) they have that hotline to God... it rarely works out well...

Karen said...

Like TFE, I'm a big fan, but that statue had to go! I grew up with picture of a blond haired, blue eyed gentle Jesus who led a flock of sheep and was surrounded by children. I prefer the man who hung out with the unworthy - makes me a little more comfortable.

I really couldn't come up with anything for the picture. I'm not sure why - I do know that it had nothing to do with aversion to the subject. Just lacked divine inspiration, I guess!