Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday night

Tomorrow the Monday Poem (very exciting...mine's all done and will be posted in the morning). In the meantime go and read this if you want to see the latest (fantastic) press coverage for the Montrose National Poetry Day event on October 9th.


hope said...

Well done! And you look lovely. I know, we say we don't care but it doesn't hurt to hear it from someone else, does it? ;)

And were you also Shug's stand-in, via book cover?

Good luck to you...sounds like fun!

Rachel Fox said...

After some of the recent photos I've seen of myself that one was something of a pleasant surprise! I think being furthest away from the camera was a gift.

Re Shug McMillan - though Scotland is a small country he is still a bit far away to come over for photo shoots so, yes, I grabbed one of his books from the poetry section in the library (the photo was taken on the library steps). The books and steps business was down to the very good/nice/helpful photographer (Andy Thompson).


Red Bird said...

Hey, pretty neat, there, Rachel!

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks RB. All we need now is an audience!