Sunday, 20 September 2009

So close

I would SO like to post my Monday poem now and then go to bed early. It's been a busy, tiring weekend and I know tomorrow will be a bit useless (plus Monday mornings can be a little messy at the best of times). But I won't...I'll be a good girl and wait till it's officially Monday in this part of the world before I post it. And so you see...sometimes I can obey rules.




Eryl Shields said...

You can, should you wish, schedule the post for just after midnight (or whatever time you wish) and go to bed now in the knowledge that it will post itself. This way you appear the very epitome of obedience while subverting the rules to suit yourself! I discovered this by accident recently. X

Susan at Stony River said...

I agree with Eryl. Subversion is called for.

Jim Murdoch said...

I've thought about doing that but there's a side of me that needs to see it in place and looking good. Besides I don't trust technology.

I have a test blog where I make the final tweaks before copying the code ready for posting. The sites are identical or so I thought. I posted a new Aggie and Shuggie just after midnight and lo and behold the formatting was all skeewiff, the table was only half the width it should have been. All it took was to add in a space and that was that but I would have hated to get up in the morning to find that the thing had been a mess all night. I mean, what would the Americans have thought of me?

Rachel Fox said...

Was too tired to try anything advanced last night anyway...posting it now.

Dominic Rivron said...

I too was getting into the habit of posting the TFE poem at just gone midnight - but was just too knackered this Sunday to go through with it. Life demanded an early night.

(Didn't know you could schedule posts... I'll have to look into that...)

Rachel Fox said...

It's great though isn't it? It's really making me work (which is's all too easy to fiddle about with this and that!). It does mean I'm not doing any other work of course - there are various half ideas waiting for attention - but their time will come, I'm sure. I've been working on the Hughes project today (Thursday seems to be my work day just now) and I have not one but two poems!