Wednesday, 25 June 2008

So excited

I mean... I know small independent bookshops are great and everything but I am allowed to be a little bit excited that huge, massive chain-store Borders has said they will sell my little book in their Dundee store. Well, they'll stock it...I suppose whether it sells or not depends largely on the man (or woman) in the street...whether they come in off the street, look at my little book and choose to buy it...Keep your fingers crossed for me!

...and don't forget, of course, that the book is already on sale in these other places in Scotland and England:

A-M's Books (Montrose), Forest Bookstore (Selkirk), Henry Hogg's (Montrose), Oathlaw Pottery & Gallery (Forfar), Scottish Poetry Library (Edinburgh), Tarts & Crafts (Balmedie, Aberdeenshire), Unique Arts (Bradford, West Yorkshire) and Windsor Gallery (Dundee). Soon to be on sale in Loch Croispol Bookshop in Durness too.

Plus you can get from the website...but you knew that, right?



hope said...

But if I keep my fingers crossed, I won't be able to clap my hands and announce that I'm happy and I know it. ;)

I eagerly await my package from across the pond and will tell you how great you are when I can actually hold your work in my hands. In the meantime, though I failed to mention it, I enjoyed the "short 3" from yesterday's post.

If it helps your ego any, I AM PROUD of what you've accomplished thus far. I hope you will need a second printing.

Rachel Fox said...

Ah, the ego...mine has good days and bad like most people's. And then of course there are the in-between days when it just can't make up its mind...

Thanks for your lovely thoughts.

Ken Armstrong said...

Ah the influence of my little blog is wide!!

I sense a movement; Clap everyone, clap.

Personally, I'm clapping on account of your volume being rightly available in that massive chain book thingummy...

It's a great book, I've enjoyed it's contents so much and will blog my enjoyment from the highest megabyte but (as they say in 'Gladiator' not yet... not yet)

Yay you!!

Rachel Fox said...

You are indeed a guru.
We're clapping, Ken, we're clapping...

smith3000 said...

How fantastic. Well done you Rachel Fox. Dundee today, tomorrow the world? Or Aberdeen at least?

I will have a think about outlets in Mancunia - we're not over-burdened with bookshops but there might be one or two places in Chorlton, Didsbury, Withington, places like that.

I'll let you know when I get back from Barcelona .. did you like the way I casually dropped that in there?


Rachel Fox said...

Very glamorous, Smithy. That's always the word I think of when I think of you - glamorous...
Have a good time.