Thursday, 19 June 2008

Forgotten things

Over at Confident Writing you can read a very friendly little piece about 'More about the song' by the site's author Joanna Young (just scroll down till you see my little green book). As writing about writing is her business she picked out a poem from the 'writing' section of my website called 'What is it all for?' It was a bit of a forgotten little poem up till now but today it is out and fighting!


Joanna said...

And getting a lovely reception from my readers!

Poking the forgotten fire seems to be an image that works for them - me too. Thanks for letting me share it.


Rachel Fox said...

It is funny..I wrote that line and then thought 'no...that's too sexual...unintentionally so, I should say....then I's leave it and see.' I haven't written much about sex as yet (I think living with your small child and your mother doesn't exactly get one in that mindset!) and's always there...somewhere. I am kind of working on some ideas/poems about sex just now...very loosely though at the moment. And they may not be obviously sexual when they're finished...I'm not sure.

Jim Murdoch said...

Thex is one of those wordth that hath to be thaid with a lithp. It takes all the thteam out of the wordth when thomeone thayth, "You look tho thexy today." That's what I think.

I have a few thexual poemth but I can't quite thyke mythelf up to do a blog about them.

Rachel Fox said...

I dare you to write a whole novel like that. As long as it has a lot of thex.