Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I know I've already posted today but I feel bad going to bed on an here's a poem. It is a June poem and there's not much left of June for this year so it's now year.

I was reminded of this one because I just closed the blind in Small Girls's room (8.45pm our time - we are laid-back parents...) and it's so light - beautiful sunshine, like the middle of the day. And are we going out to see the beauty of the evening..? Well, the beloved is watching football and I may just get on with reading more of the book by the Eels guy (which is lovely - so far - really clunky and funny).

Plus I've looked at poet's blogs too much this week I think. Some of them just remind me why I never wanted to be part of a literary scene. We all know best all the's very wearing. And wearying. I may just go to that launch in Aberdeen tomorrow too! Better get my head together...

In June

Another light night draws curtains slowly
And we don’t enjoy it as we could
We’re not wandering the hilltops
Or cycling the coast road
Or watching the sun pour itself away

There’s so much more we could be doing
We know it all and yet
We’re tired, hemmed in by something
We watch TV – it’s never-ending
The sun falls unseen again, another day

RF 2006


Jim Murdoch said...

Yes, outside. I used to have a lot more time for it. Now it's hard work. Not that the burden of the TV is not hard work in its own way. It is. We allow ourselves to be told how to be happy. The TV used to set. There used to be Late Call. There used to be the National Anthem. There used to be a time when there was nothing on TV, not nothing to watch but a real nothing. Ah, nostalgia.

Rachel Fox said...

I walk out somewhere every morning (rain or shine or storms or whatever) and it is often the very best part of my day. I spent quite a lot of time indoors during previous stages of my life so I really appreciate the outdoors now. I may never be a nature poet (I know a lot more about obscure remixes of dance music than I do about plant and animal my eternal shame perhaps) but I like looking, walking, just being out and wandering. I walk with my best friend and an assortment of's unbeatable really.

hope said...

When I ventured outside today, I found a book of poetry from some lovely rambling poet in Scotland. :) I can't wait to get five minutes to myself to read it. Wow...your postal system is faster than ours!

Amen Jim! In an odd way, I miss hearing that guy from my childhood "Sign Off" for the day. It was like having someone other than your parent say to you, "Okay. Day is done. Go to bed." The flag [American in my case} waved on screen as the National Anthem played. You knew you were growing up when you could stay awake long enough to see that odd black and white test pattern accompanied by a high pitched squeal that droned on until stations "Signed on" again.

Now we have endless infomercials... the beginning of the end of civilization as we knew it. :)

Rachel Fox said...

Hope you like the book Hope! Glad it got to you in one piece.

Forgot to say how much I liked your sentence 'The TV used to set', Jim. As they say on the Tweenies - fabarooney.

If my references are ever getting too intellectual for anyone...just let me know.