Friday, 6 June 2008

Books, books, everywhere

It's all about the books just now. Mine are due to arrive from the printer today - much excitement...Plus also this week I received my copy of the new anthology from Aberdeen's Koo Press. It is called 'There's a Bairn in my Broth' and it is raising money for Children 1st (NSPCC). I have two poems in it and there is fine stuff from a whole range of poets (mainly local to this part of Scotland). On first read I particularly liked 'Generations' by Roger Barnett (that would be a great postcard, I think), 'Warning' by Judith Taylor and 'Ladder' by Catriona Yule but there are lots of other good ones too. The book also includes a range of soup recipes and the illustrations are drawings by children. It really is a lovely thing and you can buy it from the shop Books and Beans in Aberdeen (price £6.45 plus postage) by calling them on 01224 646438 or emailing to I'm going to buy a few to give as presents. Even if the recipient doesn't like any of the poems...they can always make the soup!

Also out this week is the new issue of The Ugly Tree (printed by Mucusart Publications ) which contains three of my poems (including 'History at 40' and 'Musical chores' - both on this blog in the last few months). I haven't seen my copy of this yet but it is a great open-minded publication that prints poems from right across the spectrum. I wish more poetry publications had that attitude. I hate to open a magazine and know just exactly what I'm going to find in it.

I have also read Jim Murdoch's book ('Living with the Truth') this week. I'll tell you this much I didn't have to force myself to read it like 'The Famished Road'! I will probably write a review-type-thing in a little while but for now...go and get your own copy here


Jim Murdoch said...

Thank you kindly for your remarks. I look forward to your review-type-thing whenever you get round to it.

Rachel Fox said... will be a type-thing. I did used to write book reviews sometimes years ago and when I look back at them now I think 'what a pain in the backside' (me - not the books). So these days I think about it a bit before I rush off into a review...and I don't call it a review...just some thoughts...just some words...words about words...

My books arrived this afternoon at 3pm. Eeek! Lots of posting and sorting out a web page to do..

In-house mother is reading your book now. She's still awake and it's nearly 9pm so that might be a good sign! Either that or she's waiting for tennis on Eurosport..