Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Views of London - Days 1 and 2

So, we were in London last week. I'm far too tired out to write much so here are some photos instead.

Day one and our first stop was the Foundling Museum (daughter knew about it from a Jacqueline Wilson book). I'd really recommend a visit if you don't know it - especially some time before March 2011 as they've a really interesting exhibition on till then. The visit involved some dressing up:

Next stop the British Museum. Despite living in London for a couple of years in my teens I'd never been before. Mark liked the new (2000) ceiling:

and we saw one of Titus' favourites:

I got split in half:

and finally I saw the marbles that aren't spherical...

Next it was down to Trafalgar Square to roar with the lions:

then eat cake on the Haymarket:

Before the Hamleys marathon (not the classy shop I remember - felt like a big even more overpriced Disney Store):

Quick bit of Oxford Street and then onto the bus to meet lovely old friend for dinner. Phew!

Day Two and we took a bus to St Paul's Cathedral:

I wrote a poem (see last post) and the others climbed all the steps for these views:

When we finally left St Paul's we walked over Millennium Bridge and looked east:

nipped into Tate Modern (ugly, crowded, too tired to tackle the main galleries...):

and then took the Tate to Tate river boat west past these sights:

From Millbank we walked to Victoria to meet hosting cousins, eat and then see a musical ('Wicked' - girl's choice). It was everything she wanted it to be. Late, late night though!

More pics tomorrow.



Eryl said...

Sounds exhausting but marvellous. And that cake shop...

Marion McCready said...

Can't believe that's just day 1 and 2!! I'd love to go back to London, just so much to see/do, great pics!

Titus said...

Died and gone to heaven! And a lamassu too! Fabulous shots, but Abyssinia aside, my heart is with the roaring lions..

The pleasures of Aylesbury await me tomorrow...

hope said...

And just when I was about to post those "southern country shots" I took on vacation....I think I'll wait. :)

Looks like you had an interesting time!

Rachel Fox said...

It took us a while to find a good cake shop, Eryl (in the centre anyway). Endless bloody Cafe Neros (which are fine but they have them elsewhere and we wanted something different).

H loved the lions because of the second Nanny McPhee film, T.

I'd love to see southern country, Hope. Show! Show!


Rachel Fenton said...

Wowee - I am green with envy - would dearly love a couple of days in London - anywhere in Europe would do me nicely actually...fab pictures.

Rachel Fox said...

You homesick, other Rach?