Thursday, 11 February 2010

In the chain

I've been working on a writing task for TFE this week (something for Valentine's Day) and I'll probably post that poem on Sunday (for various visitor-connected reasons). I don't want to say too much about the poem right now but let's just say it's not one I'll be sending to my beloved this year (or any year I shouldn't think...) and so ahead of it I wanted to post some other love-related links and much as anything as a contrast to what's coming on Sunday.

So! I have written quite a lot for and about romantic love (in fact there is a whole section in the poems area of my website called 'love'). I also have quite a lot of alternative occasion poems – if you go to the occasions poems section there's an alternative wedding poem, an alternative funeral poem, a couple of others. I have a tiny alternative St Valentine's poem too (and feel free to use it if you ever have the need). Here it is:

Short valentine

Roses are red
Violets are violet
Please love me
My life's in the toilet

RF 2005

And here are some links to other love-related poems and discussions:

Back in 2008 I posted a poem about a loved one's death called 'Significant other deceased' – it's here. Interestingly a recent book review online (here) picked that poem out for special mention.

For my Mark's birthday in 2008 I posted the poem 'Poetic love'
here. It's really a love poem about and/or for people who aren't interested in poetry.

In October 2008 I wrote a whole post about love poetry (here) and that included my oh-heck-it's-a-gap-year-romance-poem 'Chileno on my mind'. There was a sex poetry post too (the one after love...).

I posted my English/Scots/German poem 'My man' back in January 2009 (here).

'Short love' was a poem featured in a week of short poems (back here).

More recently the love poem 'Don't squeeze my shoes' was read at a wedding (and blogged about here).

And if none of that is enough for you here's a recent interview with poet Carol Ann Duffy where she says "all poems are about love".

See you on Sunday for the Poetry Bus (or at the bus stop, I suppose, seeing as the bus doesn't go till Monday...).



John Baker said...

I love your short valentine.
When I think of love poems, sooner or later I get around to the Butch Hancock song, If You Were A Bluebird:

If you were a bluebird you'd be a sad one
I'd give you a true word, but you've already had one
If you were a bluebird, you'd be crying
You'd be flying home

If you were a raindrop, you'd shine like a rainbow
And if you were a train stop, the conductor would sing low
If you were a raindrop, you'd be falling
You'd be calling home

If you were a hotel, you'd be a grand one
But if you hit a slow spell, do you think you could stand one
If you were hotel, I'd lean on your doorbell
I'd call you my home

If I was a highway, I'd stretch along side you
I'd have you pass by ways, that have dissatisfied you
If I was a highway, I'd be stretching
I'd be fetching you home

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks John. That's lovely. Never heard of Butch!

I remembered out walking the dog that I have another poem in a very similar vein to 'Short valentine'..

Sweet Nothings

You are nothing
I am less
Let's admit it
We're a mess


Also a poem on ink, sweat and tears today - here. Not a love one really.

Titus said...

Like Short Valentine too, but Sweet Nothings is particularly priceless!

And thanks, your post is doing even more to remind me that I'm not sure I've written a love poem for public consumption even once! At a complete impasse on even thinking about the subject of TFE's challenge, let alone started anything. I may have to go with Carol Ann Duffy's interpretation.

And I like the ink, sweat and tears number, but think you fibbed. It is about love, really.

Rachel Fox said...

Now I want to see those love poems that haven't made it to the public eye, Titus!

As for the ink, sweat poem...having just reread it...maybe you're right. A bit. Didn't mean to fib - I never lie intentionally!


Titus said...

Er..., on second thoughts, no.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I find love poetry hard to write without being over sentimental Rachel. Love your little poem and I really covey those toilet pulls.
Not sure what that says about me!

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, I put 'toilet chain' into google and that's the prettiest image that came up!

As for love poetry...maybe you just have to get all the sentimental love poems out of your system and then see what's left (write them, write them all!). You might find that one that seems sentimental to you actually appeals to others anyway. A lot of modern poets are appalled by sentimentality I think...but there are other things that bother me more.


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Rachel, I am happy to have found your blog, I am enjoyed the atmosphere and the Valentine poem: utterly hilarious and intense.

Davide ( Tommaso )

Anonymous said...

Love the poem. I never know what to do about Valentines Day. Being a long divorced pensioner, should I just ignore it, or treat myself to a box of chocs, a bottle of wine and watch a romantic film? (probably Bridget Jones as that seems the most appropriate.) ;)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Roses are red
violets are blue
I'm up shite creek
and so are you?

Looking forward to your Monday doings!

Liz said...

Three cheers for love then Rachel, with all its hearty bits...(love 'sweet nothings'...)

Rachel Fox said...

Davide - I've seen you at Colin Will's haven't I? Hello.

T-Gran - yes, Valentine's can be as much a pain in the neck as a flutter in the heart! I never liked Father's Day much as a child (didn't have one from age 6). I just learned to ignore it really. I don't normally do anything for Valentine's on here - blame TFE for it this time!

Speak of the devil...

Hi Liz - you joining in on Monday..?


Anonymous said...

Rob's 'GRV' event tomorrow night is all about love. 24 poets each given a different verse from the Song of Solomon as a starting point. Should be interesting.

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, I've read about it. Hope it's a good love-in.