Sunday, 27 December 2009

Just one song

I'm still very much off blog duty but since we were talking about movies two posts ago here's a song from a movie that all four of us watched here last week ('About a Boy'). It is possibly the only film with Hugh Grant in it that I really like (well...OK...'Sense and Sensibility' too) and I'm not a huge fan of other books by the writer Nick Hornby but I really like both the book and the film of 'About a Boy'. Also the soundtrack by Manchester's Badly Drawn Boy is favourite album of his (and we have all of them...somewhere about the house). Here's one of the many lovely songs from the album:



Dianne said...

Ooops, I don't know how to open the song section of your post. Maybe my software is stupid????
Or it's owner???

Rachel Fox said...

Some videos only play in certain geographical areas. Maybe it's that.