Sunday, 25 October 2009

More bits from papers

I will be posting my Monday Poem tonight but just before I make the gravy for Sunday dinner/tea let me share a few more news links with you. In the last post I didn't link to any articles about the bnp's Nick 'born liar' Griffin and his BBC TV appearance however Saturday's Independent newspaper had several good pieces on the subject so I thought I might link to some of them quickly.

You can read a piece challenging some of the statements Griffin made on TV here.

There's one by Diane Abbott about why he shouldn't have been on the programme in the first place here.

There's one attacking the programme for its treatment of Griffin (and what this might mean) here.

And finally...bring on Barnsley...there's one about reactions to the show from people in a Northern English town here.

I hope the Independent doesn't go under (as some say it will). They print some good articles (when they're not busy making far too many holiday supplements). Drop all the lifestyle crap, I say. Just be a really good newspaper, maybe.



Titus said...

Meant to comment on this Rachel - thanks, interesting reading.

Rachel Fox said...

I thought they really did a good selection of articles on the subject (because it is simple and yet complicated!).
There were probably more in the Sunday edition but I haven't looked at that yet.
I liked the way they dealt with it on this week's Have I Got News for You (by pretending they didn't know who Griffin was in a photo). Childish but effective.