Friday, 21 August 2009

Got to have a song for the weekend

I can't possibly leave the post below as the last thing whilst I'm away over the weekend - far too woeful. So, as usual, it's up to music to change the mood...well, at least a bit. Some of you might remember that back here I wrote about Martin Simpson appearing at our local folk club. He really is brilliant and we were just listening to one of the many albums of his that we own (as we took the Girl to some ABBA related event in town...) and I thought 'yes, some Martin Simpson would do nicely'. I went looking for his version of 'Boots of Spanish Leather' (which we love) on youtube but I couldn't find it. Instead I found his version of the Randy Newman song 'Louisiana 1927' (there's some chat at beginning but I quite like that):

I suppose this one might be kind of fitting this week so I've gone for this old blues number too:

Martin Simpson has a new album just out called 'True Stories' and is back at our folk club in Montrose on 6th October. Hurray, hurray, hurray!

Back next week. In theory.


Titus said...

Fine guitarist. Not quite my cup of tea, but maybe it's the time of day.
Festival this weekend? Have a super-duper time.

hope said...

Never has tuning a guitar been so enjoyable!

Hope you have a great time...I'm off to finish listening!

Rachel Fenton said...

Hey, have a great weekend! Nothing like a bit of strumming to get you humming...:)

Andrea said...

I received my postcards today! Thank you so much :) I'm enjoying the poems.

Rachel Fox said...

Hi all
Back from the busy weekend. So much to write about now after 32 hours in the city! Will get to it all in time.

Rachel Fox said...

As for postcards...they are all quite old poems now...but I still have some respect for them at times.