Monday, 17 August 2009

Edinburgh books

This weekend we are off to the Edinburgh Book Festival because our Girl is a total bookworm and asked if she could go and see/hear some of her favourite writers there this year. We'll be at 3 events (all Girl's choice), staying one night in a ridiculously over-priced festival season hotel and perhaps there'll even be a chance for me to nip off to an art gallery or something big city like that. Maybe I might even bump into some of you hanging round a bookstall or sitting at a bus stop. Throw me an email if you're around and want to meet up for a cuppie or something. Juliet (Crafty Green Poet), for might be nice to meet you face-to-face.



Titus said...

Have a fab time and quite green down here.
You are not updating on my dashboard either.

Rachel Fox said...

I'm not going to any grown-up stuff at the festival. Just not in the mood for it. Quite looking forward to sitting in with heaps of screaming young things. Am I mad? Undoubtedly.

As for google...I only put these posts up very recently and it does take the sidebar thing a little while to catch up normally so it might just be that. Or they might be working on something...because your elephant post did show up fine even though your London one didn't.


Susan at Stony River said...

Wow. I would *love* to go--it sounds like a great time, and we've been talking of going to Edinburgh forever.

I hope it's wonderful; I think sticking with the young ones is a brilliant idea!

Rachel Fox said...

We get to Edinburgh a couple of times a year - it's only 2 hours away on the train. It means we all get a fix of big city life and then we can come back to the small town happy and ready to appreciate it all the more.


Sorlil said...

Lucky you, sounds good fun!

Colin Will said...

I'm not back from Germany until Sunday, so I'll miss you if you're there at the weekend.

Rachel Fox said...

Full report when I get back no doubt.

McGuire said...

i'll be there on Saturday, might seek out the book festival, a bit of voyuerism if you like.

Rachel Fox said...

If you want to meet up to say hello (again) send me an email with a mobile number or something.