Friday, 22 May 2009

Poetry fun? Are you mad?

Having a bit of fun over at myspace just now with a chain-poem thing (started this afternoon by the Paisley purveyor of gay folk songs Seedhill Bruiser). Come and join in if you fancy it...rhyming skills preferable but not essential. If you're not a member of myspace then just join in on the comments here.



The Solitary Walker said...

Some people are gay
Some people are straight
Some people don't know
Until it's too late

Some people like Dylan
And others like Carey
Some people are smooth
Whereas others are hairy

Some people are trusting
But others are wary
Most people are odd
But a few are plain scary

Some light up the room
Like a Christmas tree fairy
Some work in the cowshed
And others the dairy

Some people like Duffy
Some people like Dot
Some people like William
And others do not

Rachel Fox said...

Fantastic...and so much history in there too (the Mariah Carey xmas fairy!). I think you could probably write pages and pages of this...


Dominic Rivron said...

Some people fill dustbins
Some people recycle
Some people think green
Some take the Michael

Some people eat carrots
Others, mars bars
Some ride a bicycle
Others drive cars

Some people read novels
Some, lifestyle mags
Some stick their heads
In brown paper bags

Some people are atheists
Some go to church
Some don't know what to think,
left in the lurch

Some people climb mountains
Some people dig holes
Some people write poetry
Others, score goals

Some people leave comments
Some people won't
Some people read them
And some people don't

PS Word verification word (honest): "buggerab". What's the world coming to? :)

The Solitary Walker said...

Not only does she like Mariah Carey but she knows all the arcane Carey fanlore too..! I'm so impressed - I'll go to the back of our stairs, as they say round here. I'll politely decline your half-invitation to write more as if you give me an inch I'll probably take all your daily ISP megabyte allowance. I'm greedy that way. Also I've got a very busy day today, traumatic, and probably one of the weirdest and most difficult days of my life (this is true). Oh, all right then, just one more verse...

Some sweat up the mountain
Some stroll on the prairie
Some like Percy Bysshe
And others like Mary

And now I think I'll 'buggerab' and sweat up the mountain for a bit, hoping there's a flat, sunny plateau at the top...

Have a good day.

Rachel Fox said...

My heroes!

Dominic - I particularly like the brown paper bags!

And I want to know what's happening today...I will send good vibes to accompany you (whatever it is). And I love the back of our stairs...a fine expression.


Dave King said...

I have tried to sign up, but they don't seem to want me... maybe I'll have another go.

Rachel Fox said...

If you have a contribution Dave just post it here.