Sunday, 23 December 2007

Will you just cheer up? broke up and of course Xmas is now underway. And it's not so bad. So I'll cheer up. I've got my Radiohead poem out of the way (see MySpace blog) and that got rid of some lingering thoughts on misery too.
I think I find Xmas odd because it's the 'family holiday' and family has always been such an odd subject for me (and I know I'm not alone there). That and the whole religious angle (why do people find those particular stories so appealing? A simple question..a simplistic one...but still a question).
That's why I've always preferred New Year. Dancing, late nights, friends, snogging people you barely know (well, not the last bit anymore but that's certainly what it used to mean)...that's much more my kind of holiday.
Survive Xmas and Happy New Year anybody.


Colin Will said...

Christmas is the time when grandparents like me can spoil our grandchildren rotten while annoying the hell out of the parents - who are our children after all. Don't take away our fun.

New Year brings back too many painful memories for me - I don't celebrate it. DunbarJane and I will go for a walk and a picnic on Ne'erday, like we always do, and then we'll head off to Glenfeshie for a few days.


Rachel Fox said... Mum lives with us (or we live with her as she tells her friends) so our days are one big generational experiment! Mostly entertaining...lots of material, that's for sure.
I have inherited my Mum's 'interest in biography' (posh of way of saying 'nosy' if you ask me) so I am now wondering about your New Years past. Perhaps when we know each other better.
Most of my friends have sackfuls of painful memories..why is it that misery, on the whole, does make for nicer, more fascinating people (with the exception of my beloved who is sane, level-headed and mostly misery-free..well, until he met me..)?
All the best for 2008