Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Two posts in a week...just felt like it. It's been a funny old week...they always are when I do a lot of writing. Exciting but mind blowing too (and my mind is damaged so very easily blown).

Anyway it was folk club last night - first one back after xmas. The guests were Malinky - very talented and obviously very popular..a huge crowd turned up. Verona was elsewhere so we didn't sing but I read the Radiohead poem (see below a couple of posts) and a new one I wrote yesterday. I had considered reading 'History at 40' but advisers close to source said 'it's too sad for January - everyone's already miserable enough!' Sad folk songs are one thing...there's still something heartwarming about them...but sad folk poems...they just about finish you off. So that one may get to the club later in the year..

In the meantime, here's the other poem I did read. I'd been working my way towards my Led Zep housework poem for a little while ('Whole lotta laundry') but finally it turned up. It is short and sweet and humorous (people lovely that sounds!). I did want to squeeze Karine Polwart into it too but it didn't work out that way. Maybe she's just too special and will come in handy somewhere else. I'm sure she won't take it personally.

Musical Chores

Robert Plant helped with the ironing today
Kate Rusby gave a hand with the cleaning
A little bit of Bjork did the trick up till tea
And some Eels gave the dishes more meaning

Nina Simone is a wonder in the home
Any chore's less a bore with our Nina
And when June Tabor sings, why my dishcloth has wings
No, I never shall be wanting a cleaner


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