Monday, 19 March 2007

Unsuitable information

HappenStance Press launch an anthology at the Scottish Poetry Library this Saturday called 'Unsuitable Companions'. I have one small rude poem in it and may well make the event - life depending. Lots of the poems in the anthology are very funny - a much underrated virtue in the world of poetry and writing in general. Anyone can be miserable and weighty...a sense of humour takes work. for all details
I went to StAnza at St Andrews this weekend gone. As usual far too many bloody poets about but apart from that it was OK. I entered the Slam on Friday which was very much the St Andrews version (very academic, very polite). It was interesting but the whole popularity contest thing felt a bit Fame Academy and weird. I think I prefer the folk club experience - you know where you are with a banjo. Also I didn't win...
Met lots of interesting and friendly people at the Poetry Pamphlet Fair on the Saturday.

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